dress whites

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a dress uniform for formal occasions

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Other uniform combinations included dress whites, dress blue pants with the Ike jacket, and dress blues in winter.
His first officer, a raging queen, was a regular at tea dance, the one in the dress whites with the beeper going off telling him to report to the bridge.
She got to jump off the back of an aircraft carrier into the ocean, and one day she was stationed high up in the ship's superstructure overlooking more than 5,000 sailors assembled on the flight deck, their dress whites gleaming in the sun, while a band played "Anchors Aweigh," the U.
The man in perfectly tailored dress whites hands you a boarding pass.
In the front rows, the police officials in blue, the military brass in dress whites turn toward the sound and stare.
They were loving it, the way a newly minted Navy ensign loves the dress whites.
Spotting him in his dress whites, the two men demanded to know who he was, where he was from, what he did.
BILLED AS THE FILM you want to see but never will, Straight to Heft looks like a composite of afternoon talk shows and action, made-for-TV, and B movies: quintessential sailors in dress whites, so clean you could eat off them, parade around, a slender collection of almost heroes.
The festival kicked off with a presentation of colors, the national anthem and a review of nearly 500 sailors in dress whites on the base's parade ground by U.
During opening ceremonies, more than 400 sailors on base marched in their dress whites across the parade field.
Every home football game, the brigade marches from campus in its dress whites more than a mile to the football stadium to cheer on the home team.