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Miller specializes in making dress hats and Western hats, which he sells for about $200 to more than $350.
His father, a wildland firefighter, wore a cowboy hat every day, and Miller says he grew fond of hats, especially dress hats.
Eventually, the age of the dress hat came to an end in America.
After the service, the coffin - bearing his dress hat and belt and wreaths spelling "Son" and "XVI after his regiment - was given a 14-gun salute.
His coffin, draped in the Union Flag and bearing his dress hat and belt, was carried in by six military pallbearers.
Contract Awarded for Option - gold straps for dress hats
Among Latinos, wearing fedoras and other dress hats is not a question of heritage.
And he's always loved hats, "especially dress hats, although my dad always wore a cowboy hat," he said.
He wears dress hats, a style more common in the 1950s and early '60s.
Our concept is very simple in that we change our stock depending on the season, focusing on classic dress hats for summer and more funky styles for winter such as ski hats and beanies.
Known for her Sunday-best dress hats, she had inherited part ownership of her family's successful funeral business in Baltimore.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of 25 EA dress hats pershing style solid band, adjustable gold expansion, band gold button, center eylet.