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On dress down days, use key items to achieve a suitable look, such as jackets or vests to dress up casual clothes, polo shirts instead of t-shirts, straight skirts instead of loose and flowy, semi-fitted tops and bottoms instead of soft dresses and crisp and tailored cuts instead of loose styles.
Dress Down for Charity Day encourages employees to wear jeans and clothing with Moss Adams colors, maroon and black, or Moss Adams clothing.
When CE first addressed this issue (Jan '96) the idea of allowing employees to dress down on the final day of the week seemed completely harmless to most observers.
They wouldn't dress down in front of their customers, so what gives us the right to dress down in front of them?
Mike Bowers Managing Director said: "We wanted to support the Sunshine Fund's appeal and organised a dress down day to raise money.
Washington, Feb 20 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez reckons ladies stepping out on the red carpet for the Oscars shouldn't dress down because of the ongoing recession.
I think the student vibe has taken off so people tend to dress down rather than dress up.
They were taking part in the Royal National Lifeboat Institution's annual SOS Dress Down Day.
WORKERS at a Solihull company swapped their dress down Friday for a bit of glamour to hand over funds for charity.
Still, it's Dress Down Day at Space Towers tomorrow which, in theory, permits the wearing of absolutely anything in the office.
Workers have said "get knotted" to ties as a growing number of firms allow their staff to dress down, research has shown.
Yet men in the firm were told they could dress down in hot weather.
Manufacturing and engineering were mostly likely to dress down, with 29%, followed by 27% of the professionals in the survey.