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Another problem is that most people get confused when they have dress down days, as they tend to take it to extremes showing up in very relaxed outfits more fit for a day out.
He said: "Liverpool Unites is a charity close to all our hearts and we regularly organise fundraising activities, from donations for dress down days to some energetic staff taking part in the city's annual Santa Dash.
Dress Down for Charity Day encourages employees to wear jeans and clothing with Moss Adams colors, maroon and black, or Moss Adams clothing.
"You feel a bit aggrieved having to change for the protesters, but the company asked us to dress down, so we did," he said.
They want us to ditch the idea of 'dress down Fridays' in favour of 'dressed up Fridays', somewhere missing the point that the 'dress down Friday' requires minimal effort.
It was as if she was celebrating the last day of term and was taking the Dress Down Friday idea very literally.
The question compelled her to revisit the shocking truth of her family history, and she vividly presents the story of her father with no attempt to dress down the ugliness of what happened to him.
In a mock display of decency, she pulled the dress down to cover herself.
The trend, of course, is the pernicious spread of "Casual Fridays." When CE first addressed this issue (Jan '96) the idea of allowing employees to dress down on the final day of the week seemed completely harmless to most observers.
When every day is "dress down, "what should you wear?
For starters, why should Friday be a day when employees dress down? It's not a day off, and I assume most executives expect the same amount of work from their employees on Friday as on every other day of the week.
Mike Bowers Managing Director said: "We wanted to support the Sunshine Fund's appeal and organised a dress down day to raise money.
We have lots of materials in our downloadable fundraising pack, from collection boxes to posters, to help make your 'dress down in yellow day' a big success.
Washington, Feb 20 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez reckons ladies stepping out on the red carpet for the Oscars shouldn't dress down because of the ongoing recession.