dress blues

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a dress uniform for formal occasions

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These were big, impressive dress blues funerals like the one the Auburn Police Department put on for my brother Stephen that so comforted my family, my mother and my father.
your good name in dress blues. I wish I'd been wild.
In dress blues, he could wear his turban instead of a forage cap, but the bearskin is part of the uniform of the Guards and covers more than a turban.
Marine detachment commander was present in full dress blues with a welcoming smile.
As he dug for clothes through the bags his wife Sunny had packed when she met him at Bethesda Naval Hospital, he found his dress blues and a stuffed animal he'd had since childhood.
Sailors in dress blues rushed aboard the massive warship and lined the flight deck as F/A-18 Super Hornets and a TBM Avenger torpedo bomber, the same type of aircraft former President Bush piloted in battle, roared overhead.
Today Jack lives an active but quiet life, seemingly forgotten by all but some fellow Marines, who routinely don dress blues and escort him out to lunch.
Alston; an Army Commendation Medal; a set of dress blues; and a lifetime membership in the Chemical Corps Regimental Association.
Wear your dress blues and participate in school events commemorating this holiday.
Thoughts of walking up the brow, wearing my dress blues and becoming a "Shellback" all sounded good to me because I wanted to be different, and I knew no other service did things quite like the Navy.
Other uniform combinations included dress whites, dress blue pants with the Ike jacket, and dress blues in winter.
What we didn't know was that they had their whole crew topside in dress blues rendering honors to the United States for Sept 11th.
He put on his dress blues uniform of the Royal Canadian Engineers, donned the bandmaster's gold braid on his arm and polished his dress boots to a black lustre I have never been able to duplicate.
The chapter recognized the Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year for the Operations Support Command by giving a set of dress blues to the winner, Staff Sgr.
Housel, once in the US Navy, has told her he was trying to raise money for burial in "a set of navy dress blues".