drenched in

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Synonyms for drenched in

abundantly covered or supplied with


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SOAKING Kate and Lila are drenched in spray; CHOKING Smiling Kate gets mouthful of water; JOKING She laughs with other passengers; CROAKING Drenched Kate guffaws on raft; HAPPY: Kate Moss; Pictures: XPOSURE
About 100 people ran toward the machine and got drenched in the bubbles.
And as Jesus stood drenched in sinful waters, the heavens were opened by the voice of God declaring Jesus his beloved son, and the Spirit descended upon him.
From his earliest writings Burroughs foresaw a time when human beings, drenched in orgasmic "freedom," would be reduced to their bodies, their minds completely manipulated by advertising and mass media.
in her exclusive photo portfolio - It's all Anna Nicole Smith wet and wild, drenched in sun and powder sugar sand.