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Synonyms for drenched

abundantly covered or supplied with


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Many people hit the roads and rushed towards Hanna Orak Valley and Hanna Lake to enjoy the drenched weather with their family and friends.
The following 8 treatments were applied on 3 Mar 2015: dinotefuran [T: trade name Transtech[R]] (70 WSP) high rate, drenched at 17 g per 13 cm trunk dbh; dinotefuran [T] (70 WSP) low rate, drenched at 17 g per 26 cm trunk dbh; dinotefuran [Z: trade name Zylam Liquid[R]] (10% liquid) high rate, drenched at 114 mL per 10 cm trunk dbh; dinotefuran [Z] (10% liquid) low rate, drenched at 114 mL per 26 cm trunk dbh; abamectin (2%) injected at 5 mL per 5 cm trunk dbh; dinotefuran [T] (70 WSP) high rate, drench + abamectin injected at same rates as in 2014; dinotefuran [Z] (10% liquid) high rate, drench + abamectin (2%) injected at same rates as in 2014; and untreated control.
They also discovered that his Drenched Volumiser fitted to a cold tap had thermodynamic properties - raising the temperature of the water and potentially saving on heating bills.
Out next year, Habit is described as being set "within the neon drenched rain swept underbelly of Manchester, where the addicted prey on the lost and the lonely.
Var of other passengers who run to help the man who drenched in blood
The picture shows a woman holding a Quran and a picture of the Virgin Mary in one hand, and an Egyptian flag drenched in blood in the other, kept from the 18 day uprising that ousted Mubarak.
Watched by proud sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, and seven-year-old Cruz, the former England skipper's kit went virtually see-through as he was drenched in bubbly by delighted teammates.
Hurricane Sandy drenched the country's south with more than 20 inches (500 millimeters) of rain in 24 hours.
WALES began to recover yesterday from the downpours that saw the country drenched by a month's worth of showers in 48 hours.
WALES could be heading for one of the wettest Junes on record with forecasters predicting the country will be drenched by almost a month's worth of rain over the next week.
bronzed skin bronzed skin Something in Sun Drenched Sculpting.
If they misbehaved they were left in the garden in their underwear and were sometimes drenched with buckets of cold water.
service With a blue stroke that slowly becomes Drenched in fever and
Offering salt water taffy; Honeybell Orange, Key West Key Lime and Ruby Red Grapefruit Sorbet Cookies; Belgian Chocolate Drenched Oreo Cookies in brilliant foils, artisan designs or corporate logos.
The flooding at the Whitefriars owned building drenched people's furniture and the lift was shut off.