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Synonyms for dreg

matter that settles on a bottom or collects on a surface by a natural process

a group of persons regarded as the lowest class

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a small amount of residue

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Spread dregs from a coffee percolator round plants.
A clarificacao do licor verde por ocasiao da remocao de impurezas, como carbono, particulas de lama, hidroxidos e sulfetos de metais, alem de outros elementos, forma um residuo acinzentado denominado dregs (Almeida et al.
Dregs of Society is the brain child of Paula Donaldson and Michael Faulkner, who used to run Junkies Vintage Boutique in Blackfriars, Newcastle, before shutting up shop to sell their vintage finds online.
Extracting shale oil is the energy equivalent of boiling up the pub carpets to get the last dregs of alcohol out of them.
Our lives have been destroyed by the mindless dregs.
If you lock up the social dregs with a beautiful Asian woman of wit and culture then the dregs will, inevitably, resort to insulting her because they judge her as different.
Yes, the shorter poems of the Anthologia Latina, 78-188, The Codex Lamanianus, are considered the dregs of the dregs as far as literary merit is concerned, admits London-based classicist Kay, but once he began work on them, he found them to be of a much higher quality than he expected.
The right amount of friendliness or a well-timed compliment can go a long way to help you escape from the dregs of coach.
THOSE golden leaves burn russet in the sun, The sap begins to dry within the bough; While balmy breezes sing their secret song, And Nature yields her harvest to the plough These are our gentle days, when ripened age Matures to richer flavour on the vine; But time moves on and faster turns the page And soon we sup our final dregs of wine We taste these passing moments, one by one, before dark Winter holds its final sway; when warmth and love and passion's days are done and Summer spreads its wings and flies away by
1 -- 2) Thomas Gibson, left, and Mandy Patinkin try to get inside the heads of serial killers in ``Criminal Minds'' on CBS, and Johnny Messner, right, stars as a detective chasing down the dregs of society in Fox's ``Killer Instinct.
After college Mast started Audio Dregs Records with his brother and recorded and produced his ambient debut Parking Lot Music in 2001 under his DJ name E*Vax.
When he was 12, to support his family, he got a job working for a company that bottled beer, where he got into the habit of drinking the dregs from the bottom of returned bottles.
The Baptist Image: "A few of their ministers, in the principal cities and towns, were admitted to be men of some decency, but the sect as a whole was denounced as the dregs of Christendom" (33).
The Wheaton school is a unique, and uniquely lax, institution, where "the dregs of Chicago youth turned up," and "they limit enrollment to humans--for the most part .
He appeared to me to be nothing more than an ageing self- opinionated yob who had been drawn from the dregs of humanity.