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a barge (or a vessel resembling a barge) that is used for dredging

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With induction of this new dredger BD Rah Kusha and its two hopper barges SHB TARSEEL 1 and amp; 2, dredging capability of Pakistan Navy will enhance further.
With the induction of this new dredger and its two hopper barges SHB Tarseel-1 and 2, dredging capability of PN will enhance further.
The Multi Cat WID dredger will take a different approach.
We have reports that they launched their big dredger but we don't know where it's going.
The entire dredger can be fitted inside standard containers for safe and cost effected transport to any port in the world.
The dredger, Deo Gloria, helped pump out water and took the passengers on board.
Boskalis will also be backfilling an existing offshore pipeline - located close to the new structure - with sand over a total distance of 34km with a trailing suction hopper dredger.
He said the dredger had ceased operations five months ago, but he did not know why.
The dredger was proceeding from Holyhead towards its intended fishing grounds in Cardigan Bay at the time.
ByNGAZy (CyHAN)- A helicopter of the Libyan air force on Sunday attacked and sunk a dredger off Benghazi coast, Commander of the Libyan Air Force said on Monday.
THE skipper of a scallop dredger died after being entangled in the vessel's winch system which was in a "dangerously poor condition", an accident report has said.
China had been working extensively beginning May 2014, employing two big dredger ships in the islands.
1989: The Thames pleasure cruiser Marchioness was hit by a dredger and 51 young people attending a party on the boat were killed.
Each dredger is manufactured with minimal parts to increase operational dependability.
TWO men who died in their bunks on a scallop dredger in Whitby were poisoned by carbon monoxide, initial findings have indicated.