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Synonyms for dreck

merchandise that is shoddy or inferior

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Dreck would occasionally punish the child by slapping him, hitting his nose and lips, and hitting his palm with a comb several times between March and April last year.
"The Donald" could trump that dreck, and he has creepy company; there isn't an original thinker among the lot, it's just the American Legislative Exchange Council and the John Hay Initiative.
We live in a wild, woolly time of cacophony, where the greats are at our fingertips for the same price as the dreck. And to be able to hear everything ever recorded is a boon to the listener, albeit overwhelming.
First, you need friends or family members who will unconditionally love whatever dreck you produce.
I didn't find this kind of dreck pervasive, but it's not hard to find, and I can see why parents would be concerned about impressionable teenagers using apps that encourage anonymous interactions.
Made a file of mosques near his home in Merseyside dubbed his "dreck ziel" - a German phrase meaning "dirt target"; ?
The receptionist, who had a "deep hatred" of Muslims, made a list of mosques near his home in Birkenhead, which he referred to as his "dreck ziel" - a German phrase meaning "target", Kingston Crown Court heard.
For those of us who aren't enamoured with the special art of taking self- portraits, opening any social network today means wading through the unending vacuous dreck of other people's lives and faces.
An eye-opening report from the anti-poverty charity the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that 6.7 million working families in modern Britain (http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/528358/20131208/poverty-joseph-rowntree-osborne-unemployed-employment-politics.htm) are below the poverty line , as welfare lifelines are cut away and the jobs market is stuffed with low-hours, low-pay dreck.
Even the most failed actress wouldn't be seen in such dreck.
Moss' descriptive language paints a vivid and rich picture from the decadence and wealth of the manner houses to the dank and 'dreck' filled sewers below the city of Highlions.
Critique: Based on this first volume, "K-9 Cop: Case# 1 - The Dreck Report", author Erna Mueller can look forward to an every expanding audience of appreciative readers who will look eagerly toward the next installment of Spencer's adventures as a kind of reincarnated furry cop with four feet, a tail, and a nose to smell out that bad guys.
It still stood out from the rest of the funny-paper dreck, and when I got a chance to read the work Capp did in his heyday, it was a revelation.
Another movie, the sci-fi adventure Dreck, is also being made in Swansea Bay, which is increasingly being used as a location by film and TV companies.