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Synonyms for dreck

merchandise that is shoddy or inferior

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Dreck would occasionally punish the child by slapping him, hitting his nose and lips, and hitting his palm with a comb several times between March and April last year.
"The Donald" could trump that dreck, and he has creepy company; there isn't an original thinker among the lot, it's just the American Legislative Exchange Council and the John Hay Initiative.
We live in a wild, woolly time of cacophony, where the greats are at our fingertips for the same price as the dreck. And to be able to hear everything ever recorded is a boon to the listener, albeit overwhelming.
First, you need friends or family members who will unconditionally love whatever dreck you produce.
While "endless scrolling" and excessive advertising are two downsides to the site, overall, Tomaiuolo says that "quality sleuths" can depend on Retraction Watch to uncover the "dreck that sometimes passes for science."
I didn't find this kind of dreck pervasive, but it's not hard to find, and I can see why parents would be concerned about impressionable teenagers using apps that encourage anonymous interactions.
Made a file of mosques near his home in Merseyside dubbed his "dreck ziel" - a German phrase meaning "dirt target"; ?
The receptionist, who had a "deep hatred" of Muslims, made a list of mosques near his home in Birkenhead, which he referred to as his "dreck ziel" - a German phrase meaning "target", Kingston Crown Court heard.
For those of us who aren't enamoured with the special art of taking self- portraits, opening any social network today means wading through the unending vacuous dreck of other people's lives and faces.
An eye-opening report from the anti-poverty charity the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that 6.7 million working families in modern Britain (http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/528358/20131208/poverty-joseph-rowntree-osborne-unemployed-employment-politics.htm) are below the poverty line , as welfare lifelines are cut away and the jobs market is stuffed with low-hours, low-pay dreck.
Even the most failed actress wouldn't be seen in such dreck.
Moss' descriptive language paints a vivid and rich picture from the decadence and wealth of the manner houses to the dank and 'dreck' filled sewers below the city of Highlions.
Critique: Based on this first volume, "K-9 Cop: Case# 1 - The Dreck Report", author Erna Mueller can look forward to an every expanding audience of appreciative readers who will look eagerly toward the next installment of Spencer's adventures as a kind of reincarnated furry cop with four feet, a tail, and a nose to smell out that bad guys.
It still stood out from the rest of the funny-paper dreck, and when I got a chance to read the work Capp did in his heyday, it was a revelation.
Another movie, the sci-fi adventure Dreck, is also being made in Swansea Bay, which is increasingly being used as a location by film and TV companies.