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Synonyms for dreck

merchandise that is shoddy or inferior

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But still, how do objects stylish and well crafted, things that exist in a realm where all is lovingly polished and perfectly sited, instruct us about a world where dreck and sprawl rule?
There is good, informative journalism produced with integrity, and there is something far less, the dreck of spin, gossip, and propaganda.
Good stuff, like from Harry Winston, not dreck," she said.
Network executives insist that airing dreck like CBS' upcoming reality competition "Jingles" (in which contestants write tunes for commercials -- that'll be thrilling TV) does, in fact, constitute something more than simply airing test patterns, but audiences are clearly not buying their argument, so these executives are clearly just whistling past the graveyard as they load their summer schedules with shows determined to drive away their viewers and hoping for the best come fall.
I now only channel-surf HD channels, and will watch almost any dreck they put on as long as it's in HD.
When you look up news on the Net and follow the forums that are supposed to democratize the media by giving access to everyone, what you find mostly is dreck and screed.
Hence the fact that, while the album charts are crammed with all manner of instantly-disposable dreck at the moment, Green Peppers' Domino Mornings remains a largely undiscovered gem.
Well, there were glimmers of good news amid all the dreck of the May ad revenue reports, but they were few and far between.
While Zodiac does have a few slow points, it's ultimately far more compelling than any of the dreck Se7en knock-offs that are tagged as "riveting.
Better titled Dreck the Halls, it almost makes you wish they'd reissued Christmas With The Kranks instead.
While yield is not everything in the pursuit of good wine, there is no way to make anything other than dreck at that level.
My venom then turned on a TV audience so brain-dead that programmers might conclude that this sort of dreck would fly.
Michael Owen k nnte nicht den Dreck weg Damien Duff von den
Freelance journalist Melanie Dugan presents Revising Romance, an original novel about an editor confronted with a terrible dreck of a book from a widely-reknowned, best-selling author.