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a pleasing country existing only in dreams or imagination

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However, Eager said the Dreamworld incident was a one in 834 million event.
The participants will be staying at Dreamworld, attended by the organizing teams from School of Leadership, as they will undergo a series of seminars, activities, and field visits, led by prominent experts, trainers and speakers.
I'm a mother, I have a family, I take my family to Dreamworld, I am sympathetic.
We messaged our friend who wasn't at the Dreamworld park and she googled it and told us about an article she had seen about the accident.
Two men and two women died while on a river rapids ride at Dreamworld, a park on Queensland state's Gold Coast, Queensland police officer Todd Reid told reporters.
Pugmire masterfully bring Lovecraftian mythos to life, particularly in their rendition of Lovecraft's beautiful yet deadly Dreamworld.
The former Reds midfielder held five-year-old Amber from the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation.
Myer, Harvey Norman and DreamWorld will be amongst the first organisations to offer this functionality, ANZ said.
Her prose manages to be at once lyrical and gritty, magical yet unsentimental, connecting a dreamworld of Ojibwe legend to stark realities of the modern-day.
It portrays a small selection of seven of DaliAEs oil paintings in 3-D in a valiant attempt to bring DaliAEs dreamworld to life.
Dreamworld and Castle Resort at Hot Go Park, currently under construction, is a theme park being developed in the Fushun City Bay Economic Development Zone.
The second section discusses the narrative challenges of describing such a dreamworld and the techniques of "oneiric realism" which the author has devised to meet those challenges.
The latest update will have a new game mode, Dreamworld, which is accessible to any player who has completed at least 50 levels of the original Candy Crush Saga, Mashable reported.
The Olivier Award-nominated ballet will take you on a spectacular journey from the elegance of the 1940s to a Technicolor dreamworld where Puck's magical mayhem weaves a tangled web of love.
I loved the descriptions of Holly's dystopian village and the dreamworld.