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Synonyms for dreamlike

Synonyms for dreamlike

of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

Synonyms for dreamlike

resembling a dream


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It's a show about America's enthusiasms and errors, its character and characters, that comes alive as a series of dreamlike vignettes--a tone poem about a nation and the battle for its beliefs.
There is a lack of tension, but overall the result is a dreamlike and engaging adventure.
Caption: The Blue Danube, a journey into a dreamlike like world of illusion
Despite the urgency of fleeing from a violent prince, the pair's journey proceeds at a dreamlike pace.
As a half-sister to the yard's high-class filly Silk Sari, a Group Two winner and runner-up in a Group One this year, Dreamlike is bred to be pretty smart.
Luca Cumani's horse Dreamlike will run at Lingfield today
The presence of Charlie Appleby's Wolverhampton third Bittern and Ralph Beckett's Dunstall Park runnerup Pure Line should ensure Dreamlike is a backable price and she is fancied to get the job done in an interesting event for the time of year.
Dreamlike it definitely wasn't - more of a nightmare.
Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Omega has released a 3D animated short film of dreamlike images that creatively allude to the brand's revolutionary co-axial mechanical watch movement and the elements that make up the world of Omega.
Comfortable shifts between Martha's father's violent experiences in the trenches and Martha's life at home after his return lend a dreamlike quality to a novel already made dreamlike by an ominous setting that Kassirer somehow composes almost entirely out of her characters.
Six dancers will take the audience through a dreamlike kaleidoscope of images and ideas.
A dreamlike, disturbing chiller, with Radha Mitchell (top), Sean Bean, Laurie Holden, Deborah Kara Unger and Alice Krige.
In time it attracted writers such as Robert Louis Stevenson, who in November 1879 said he had never been in any place "so dreamlike.
Timeless themes of grief, alienation, death, the bonds between parent and child, and the quest for redemption are explored in prose that is dreamlike and unpredictable.
The inclusion of Ever Is Over All, 1997, also a two-channel projection juxtaposing visually clear narrative--a dreamlike vision of joyous and elegant vandalism--with more indistinct and lyrical nonnarrative imagery, showed just how far Rist has developed technically even as her extravagant, funny, poetic, and rather hippie-ish vision of what Herbert Marcuse once called "liberation from the affluent society" has remained admirably consistent.