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a relaxed comfortable feeling


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There was a certain amount of romantic dreaminess and caprice in her, but with the fantastic was mingled much that was strong and deep.
Balthus was moved by the dreaminess of girls on the cusp of adulthood.
All that raw majesty makes it easy to get caught up in the dreaminess of this place--the sunsets
Rebellion against a willful and positivist father frequently on the move in pursuit of prosperity--by 1912, Ernst had changed school eight times and residence thirteen times--fostered traits of dreaminess, nonconformity, and alienation that marked the adult Junger throughout his life.
This dazzling second album ups the swish funk dreaminess of its predecessor - the added clarity and confidence being evident on Cry and Moment Of Silence.
The 84-page work echoes the dreaminess of Kazuo IshiguroCs The Unconsoled ; instead of dream-logic, however, there is memory-logic .
The descent from smooth dreaminess into spiky psychosis is a necessary counterbalance to both the idle optimism and the purposeful politics of the film's first half.
The 'long takes and tracking shots,' Tsui points out, 'highlight Pepe's floating life, a dreaminess central to the film's quiet splendor.
Although Jessica Leake's prose is heady and dense, The Order of the Eternal Sun tends towards dreaminess.
An otherworldly dreaminess pervades all 15 songs on his forthcoming album, Unfolding the Muse, to be released September 9, 2016.
Finally, there is Modiano's limpid and elliptical style, blending vagueness and precision, realism and dreaminess, and there are numerous questions that find no answer.
I really love the dreaminess of it - dreaming beyond what you think is possible," said Bester, who, unlike Kermott, was "a massive Frozen fan" before taking on this project.
Business hopes can burgeon yet equally, they can become a restriction, if you find it difficult to understand the needs and politics of situations, when people may feel that you're wanting maximum recognition, while at times, failing to see that this does require absolute dedication to the wider cause, and your natural dreaminess can be perceived as a desire to avoid obligations or want everything on your own terms.
Dreaminess and procrastination are both my best and worst habits
Zapruder's artfully clunky syntax, his irregular lineation and the way his extended sentences unspool their way down the page transfer a meandering dreaminess to his monologues.