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It's a pony that is also a racehorse, a shire horse, a dray horse, a show jumper and an easy rosette-winner in the dressage competition.
POP CHART: Lesley Harrison with her scrapbooks and (right) as a child with one of the Ben Shaw delivery horses WELL DRESSED: Ben Shaw's dray horse decked out for a the 1953 May Day parade.
Lawyers nowadays would drive a dray horse and cart through a ban which took away someone's livelihood.
To be truly authentic, Harrison's barge should have been pulled by a dray horse.
Once Mrs P had readjusted my blinkers we had a whale of a time, apart from warning my son off Howard Johnson's Abraxas Antelope in the two-year-old race because it looked like it had a great future as a dray horse.
One day his dog attacked a dray horse - for those not old enough to know, these pulled the beer wagons delivering to pubs and clubs.
Siddle is a dray horse of a cricketer, the sort who could bowl all day and all night.
And if they're stuck for a dray horse, she could probably pull the trucks along as well).
She is as likely to beat Ed Balls as I am to win the Grand National on a brewery dray horse.
Some like it Trott, but for exhilaration it was like watching a dray horse in the Epsom Derby.
I remember seeing a huge shell-hole in which a big dray horse was lying on its side.
He's been at the booze left out for Santa, like a brewery dray horse.
If she were alive now I could assure her that the sweating I did for three days was of the dray horse variety,had nothing of a glow about it and alternated with bouts of shivering.
I found a piece that was cracked and sweatier than a dray horse and remarked to Ann that it was as old as Joanna.