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Synonyms for straw

plant fiber used e

material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds

a variable yellow tint

a thin paper or plastic tube used to suck liquids into the mouth

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cover or provide with or as if with straw

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spread by scattering ("straw" is archaic)

of a pale yellow color like straw

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Therefore whoever draws the short straw to share centre court with me on Saturday had better be prepared to come down to my level.
Tannadice tower Lee Wilkie reckons he draws the short straw when it comes to getting penalties after losing to the Pars
Sickly Lotte is despatched to a wealthy family in Holland, while Anna draws the short straw. It's all piano lessons and sailing for Lotte, while her sister is kept out of school to work on the farm and beaten up by her uncle.