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Synonyms for drawl

draw out

Words related to drawl

a slow speech pattern with prolonged vowels

lengthen and slow down or draw out

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For Americans, the edge it gives can make quite a change from an English, drawling villain.
Playing the same ill-prepared, sleaze-obsessed bozo he does on the somewhat more successful (because it's shorter) Comedy Central series ``Primetime Glick,'' Short spends way too much time on the big screen dithering around with Jan Hooks, who plays Glick's crude, drawling wife, Dixie.
Besides, Peter already had one drawling southerner in the office--James Leverett, TCG's director of literary services, who came from Monroe, La.
Their debut album, Love The Cup, blends American rootsy music with drawling Scottish vocals.
A kiddie comedy about a Cockney boy and his fluent fife shipwrecked on an island where everything talks and the mayor is a drawling dragon in cowboy boots, H.
And then a drawling American voice finally announced: "We got him
I could not find one book to put on my office shelf, no single volume containing the fiery rhetoric of DuBois, the drawling prose of Lyndon Johnson, or the measured verse of Berry Friedan.
Smith's prose retains a marked Southern accent without ever collapsing into drawling hokum.
The new album, Snoop Dogg's eighth solo one since his historic chart-topping debut album Doggystyle (Death Row Records) in 1993, will feature the lazy drawling, rhythmically complex lyrical delivery for which he is best known.
The title role provides John Travolta a rare opportunity to masticate reams of literate dialogue while pretending to be drunk and drawling.
Believe me, to love this book, you're going to have to be the kind of person who gets the vapors from reading sentences like, "With Rove handling his direct mail, Clements was in even better shape for his 1982 reelection bid against Mark White, the tall, drawling centrist attorney general who had replaced John Hill?