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a tack for attaching papers to a bulletin board or drawing board

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NB: If you use plastic coated drawing pins this candle is decorative only and should not be lit
AT THE age of 69, the MP continued to run "Bessie's Saturday Surgery" from her office in Transport House, sitting under a smiling picture of Harold and Mary Wilson stuck to the wall with a drawing pin and surrounded by stacks of paper.
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Every time she stuck a drawing pin in the ceiling tiles she released a small but deadly dusting of asbestos fibres.
It is a huge packing project and will mean moving every last drawing pin from the museum," said curator Steve McLean.
The accepted method would have been to attach the document with a drawing pin at the corner, allowing students to flick through the pages and read the profiles of all candidates.
Slugs down the back of her jersey, a drawing pin on her chair, a false rumour.
ON Nicky: "At school I'd have pulled her chair away from her, put a drawing pin on it, flicked snot in her hair.
A GIRL of eight died after choking on a drawing pin which had fallen into her glass of water.
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The trick was to stick a drawing pin smeared with dog muck on the sneck.
Just for the record two horses may help me avoid having to look for a drawing pin later this afternoon - Tom Tun and Bond Boy.
One source at St Blane's school in Blantyre said: "It seems ridiculous to send children into an environment in which such safeguards are required to remove a drawing pin from a wall.
AN elderly lady was about to sit on a drawing pin that some kids had put on bus seats.