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the person who writes a check or draft instructing the drawee to pay someone else

an artist skilled at drawing

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All of this means that the pre-Clovis evidence requires a lot of interpretation, a fact that makes it very easy for personal desire and anxiety to leach like groundwater into that drawerful of cobbles and lithics.
There is a lump of massive pyromorphite from Anglesey (a rarity for the locality), a drawerful of Elba hematites of middling quality (obviously a favorite species at the time), and a plethora of "Vesuvian Hyacinths in the Matrix," most of which is well-crystallized vesuvianite from Vesuvius.
LEAFING THROUGH THIS HANDSOME LITTLE BOOK is much like opening an unsuspected drawerful of trifles and treasures in the house of a beloved and eccentric aunt.
I also happen to have a drawerful of unfinished novels, and once upon a time, a long time ago, I played the french horn.
He sells the underwear to boutiques and gives it to his sometime girlfriend, Chrissie, a grandmother who by now has a drawerful of "snap-fronts, plunges, crisscrosses, strapless--all in lace and satin."
"Women should have a drawerful of options," says Lou Crawford, founder of The Keeper, which makes natural gum rubber cups inserted to catch menstrual flow.
Well, I have a whole drawerful of old paint brushes that lost their identifying packaging long ago, and I'm wondering how to tell the difference between them.
What be initially found in Ives's barn at West Redding, which had been converted into a music storeroom, must have been supremely dispiriting: "Evidentl y [Ives] was used to rummaging for things, pulling out whole fistfuls from underneath which then became the top layer, so that each drawerful [of manuscript pages] had been shuffled many times.
"We used to have a drawerful of knives and, at one time, we had a gun in the office.
Unfortunately, the magic doesn't work and both plot and characters are as floppy as a drawerful of Mr Geller's cutlery.