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Synonyms for drawback

Synonyms for drawback

an unfavorable condition, circumstance, or characteristic

Words related to drawback

the quality of being a hindrance

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The drawback to a virtualized approach is that it adds some complexity to the deployment.
He said that 1% drawback would be available on eligible product lines of processed fabrics category, 2% eligible products of made-ups category and 4% drawback would be available to eligible products of garments category.
DRAWBACKS Main course could have done with some gravy.
In the qualitative sections of the survey, participants were asked to report their perceptions of the benefits and drawbacks of engaging in each risky driving behavior using open-ended responses.
Then, consider the benefits and drawbacks of each window material to find the right one for your project.
Conventional equipment for structural foam has drawbacks that can compromise part quality and consistency, says Prof.
Coal is notorious for its drawbacks, however, including emissions of sulfur (which in the form of sulfur dioxide can react with atmospheric water to form sulfuric acid) and mercury (a known neurotoxicant).
Although the advantages of sharing one's work with other project partners, by means of increasing the size of the commonly-developed repository of paired sentences and, thus, the overall amount of translated text that can be recycled, are clear and appealing, there are a few serious drawbacks that the current actual practice of translation memory sharing involves.
Just when she was about to give up she say a real house that had its drawbacks (a cat, cheese baited traps, a mouse-eating awl in the attic), but with wit and courage, Little Mouse was able to make a home in this house after all.
Answers will vary, but benefits should include health/fitness and being more motivated as students; drawbacks should include possibility of injury and/or burnout.
funded fumigation efforts against coca farms in Colombia, including costs and some of the drawbacks.
Two very different alternatives--the first a tenant-in-common structure and the second a trust structure--have been blessed by the IRS, and each has its benefits and drawbacks.
However, peroxide curing is said to have some major drawbacks such as process stability, odor, color and toxicity issues; and resol resins technology is said to suffer from moisture uptake and color issues.
Hubbard says the only drawbacks she can see for including glass in a municipal recycling program would be if a market does not exist for the bottles and if they are collected or handled in a way that would render them useless.