draw together

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Synonyms for draw together

bring together in a common cause or emotion

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The clumps of trees in the snow seemed to draw together in ruffled lumps, like birds with their heads under their wings; and the sky, as it paled, rose higher, leaving the earth more alone.
It is therefore my object to draw together two men who can never injure, but, on the contrary, must greatly help each other.
Livermore Director Bruce Tarter pointed out that a key reason why PEREGRINE was developed at the Laboratory was because of its ability to draw together multi-disciplinary teams of researchers such as physicists, engineers and computer scientists.
Each of these unique sites will set the standard for their campus and will draw together their communities.
How do we draw together, both within our human communities and by reaching out to the teachers all around us in the sky, the sea, the forest, the cracks in the city sidewalk?
The commission, led by the church's longest-serving primate, Robin Eames of Ireland, will draw together representatives from across the Anglican spectrum, including Canadian canon Alyson Barnett-Cowan, director of General Synod's faith, worship and ministry department.
The idea is to draw together an action plan so that once we have identified the key issues, the parish council can work with the various agencies to address them.
And draw together we must, for that is the only way to the future.