draw the line

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Synonyms for draw the line

reasonably object (to) or set a limit (on)

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Draw the line across the eyelid directly at the lash line and continue on, stopping just before you get to the end of the eyelid.
Or rather, help form the Boston area Aerosmith tribute band Draw the Line (taken from the name of Aerosmith's 1977 album with the LP sleeve that featured a cartoon drawing of the band), with Byrnes as the Tyler frontman.
However, I draw the line at promoting a celebrity who deems homosexuality a sin.
We'd never draw the line until we're overwhelmed,'' he said.
Where do you even draw the line between necessity and luxury?
OK, I draw the line at Big Brother--and I'm ashamed of my sneaking weakness for I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here
As parents we often struggle with where to draw the line.
Wage freezes, healthcare and premiums are issues where we draw the line and unless they're resolved, we're on the path towards the strike," said Nerzig.