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NCRPO chief Director Guillermo Eleazar said the Metro Manila police have intensified its campaign against loose firearms as the midterm elections draw near.
"The heat price will rise in Kazakhstan whether you wish it or don't; the price for gas will also grow and draw near the global tariffs," said Nursultan Nazarbayev on July 2 at the meeting on the implementation of the state program of forced industrial-innovative development.
Among the subjects they will be discussing are how their Olympic preparations are going as the Games draw near.
The world's fastest man was reportedly paid around pounds 200,000 to race at a Stockholm track meeting last summer, although any fee would have to factor in his rising stock as the Olympics draw near and the unorthodox task being asked of him.
Jeremiah 15,15 A VERSE from an old Scottish psalm: "Remember me, Lord, with that love which Thou to Thine dost bear; With Thy salvation, O my God, To visit me draw near."
SUNDAY SERMON "THAT which...our hands have touched...we proclaim to you." - 1 John 1:1,3 (New International Version) THE historical fact that Jesus came to Earth in the flesh is irrefutable proof that God will do anything to draw near to us.
SPRING Ah, here comes the Spring, The early birds sing, Seedlings peep up all around, For a glimpse of the sun, While the sparrows have fun, Pulling insects and worms from the ground, Now Summer's come round, The trees are re-crowned, White blossoms sway in the breeze, The warm sun and rain, Give blooms life again, Much welcomed by butterflies and bees, Now Autumn is here, The cool nights draw near, Russet leaves flutter down from the trees, The squirrels all know, As they dart to and fro, They'll need store for the oncoming freeze, So time marches on, And Winter's begun, Skeletal trees clad with snow, Jack Frost nips one's nose, Bites one's fingers and toes, As the cruel and bitter gales blow, Ah, here comes the Spring...
As presidential elections draw near in the Philippines, the country is bracing itself for an escalation of violence that has marred so many previous polls.
The priority of the Government and president Ivanov for the foreign and interior policy of the Republic of Macedonia is to draw near the positions of the name issue dispute with the Republic of Greece.