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AS the cold winter nights draw close a host of family fun is planned for all the family at a Northumberland attraction.
35pm As the London 2012 Olympics draw close to their conclusion, this uplifting 1981 sporting drama celebrates the triumphs of British athletes Eric Liddell and Harold Abraham who were going for gold during the 1924 Games in Paris.
Summary: As we draw close to the FNC Elections, with a little help from our friends at YouGov Siraj, we decided to take a look at attitudes towards the event.
The Belt Sander Races, also held at European woodworking shows such as ligna, draw close to a thousand people packing the stands to see the grit--and sometimes sanders--fly off the track.
You draw close in the vacuum of its pass, A railroad defunct for
We wanted to ensure that the entertainment and excitement of the Fifa Beach Soccer World Cup began as soon as spectators set out for the stadium and offering such a unique way to travel, arriving by sea, will help to heighten the sense of drama as they draw close to the shore and see the amazing stadium set against the backdrop of the Burj Al Arab," explained Dr Khalid Mohammad Al Zahed, deputy tournament director and director of Maritime Projects Department at the RTA.
During this month Muslims are enjoined to fast before sunrise to after sunset, experience the hunger many brethren may suffer due to poverty or circumstances, hence feed the hungry and poor, a time for introspection, to look within you, where you went wrong, your omissions and commissions, where you went wrong, make amends, mend ties with family, be the first to forgive, resolve disputes and most of all learn to love your Creator and draw close to Him.
When their feelings draw close to love, Sarah's mother becomes appalled to learn that her daughter is involved with an American Indian.
Draw close enough to Gonzalez-Torres's cascade of lightbulbs in Untitled (North), 1993, and the artwork literally warms you.
My answer to Susan's question is that I feel it is highly likely that her own sister has taken on the task of guardian during Susan's lifetime and will continue to draw close to her in troublesome times.
Stephen Lowe, director of work site communi- cations at Prudential, said, 'Panic-saving as you draw close to the end of your normal working life is not ideal.
At night, our children draw close and want to talk more,'' Fortia says.
As the warmer months draw close, the market is concerned about US oil inventory levels, which have been at their lowest since November 2003.
Here the youth had a chance to draw close to their bishops and the essential doctrine of the Church, to tackle big questions and respond.
There is much to be learned and admired in the typical (closing) passage that follows, much too to be freely pondered, unless we readily accept "despair" as the true seat of our "energy": "May Some Thing [being] find its place of joining within 'us' (freed from our 'ego'), in and via and thanks to the language that holds us (logos echon); may it draw close, articulate itself, gather itself beyond confusion as a 'poem' that is interposed but to disappear, like a patient servant, a differential that erases itself having permitted our calculation, 'become nothing.