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not airtight


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If you have a draughty door, or a front door which opens straight into your living room, install a curtain over it.
Match Of The Day commentator John Motson has spent 25 years working on draughty stadium gantries.
With energy bills soaring you need to know whether that dream home is warm and cosy or cold, draughty and costly.
Daytime raids were soon switched to night to provide cover, turning the rickety planes into draughty, freezing cold prisons.
Schools would be encouraged to club together and borrow money from banks to patch up leaking roofs and draughty windows - a first step towards tackling a pounds 3.
In their draughty, uninsulated homes they had a coal fire in almost every room.
Andrew Tyler, Animal Aid director, said: "The market was dark, shambolic, draughty and crowded.
When looking over a prospective house, use your senses to tell whether it's cold and draughty or well insulated.
The wind whistles through the sheeting and, inside her living room and bedroom, it's dark and draughty.
They can live with the fire trap windows, the draughty corridors and the Dickensian workhouse atmosphere.
He said: "A lot of people who want to be councillors are told the only way to become a councillor is to spend five years going to draughty halls to discuss endless resolutions at branch meetings and knocking on doors.
Admittedly it has limited views and can be a little draughty - but, then again, it is a wartime bunker.
HUNDREDS of cold and draughty homes in Coventry are to get new heating and insulation as part of a government drive to tackle fuel poverty.
This heater is an ideal solution to those draughty hallways, spare rooms and offices.
Instead of windy, draughty and sometimes rainy squares, the council should have been thinking about a central meeting place for the many organisations.