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not airtight


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Iam old enough to remember when these phones weren't retro or cool, they were just the only telephone in the house, and sat in a draughty hallway, waiting to ring.
It will still leave millions in cold and draughty homes for decades.
She had a 3ft dip in her garden, draughty windows and doors, squeaky floors and cracks in the ceilings.
The house is holding the heat better and is not as draughty.
People in rural areas living in draughty homes will be a lot cosier this winter thanks to government action.
The vast majority of our customers are on a low income, elderly and living in old, draughty homes.
The warmth can be directed to a cold corner or draughty area or the heater can be switched to oscillating mode letting it sweep the entire room.
Creepy twins, a large building with draughty halls - this feature-length drama could have been a British answer to The Shining, with Redgrave hamming it up Jack Nicholson-style, all staring eyes and wild hair.
Ann Doherty via email Zena says: Portiere rods or swing arm door rods are normally what people use to hang curtains or drapes in front of draughty doors.
7 MAKE your home less draughty by sealing gaps in windows and doors.
But there are plenty of ways to celebrate without coming to a draughty Victorian building," the Daily Mail quoted Ritchie as saying.
Dai said: "The windows were put in by Gwynedd Council about eight years ago but they weren't installed properly and they have twisted in their frames and are very draughty.
The ill-fitting backless, draughty gowns are set to be a thing of the past, thanks to a pounds 25,000 project by designer Ben De Lisi.
Dear Editor, I was very interested to read your article on energy prices and ways of reducing fuel running costs in a old draughty house (Post, March 1).