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a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

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The letter also included the same demands for the draughtsmen, as well as having their pay scale adjusted.
The engineers claim that in the meeting the management agreed to adjust the grade of draughtsman starting from July 1 and that they would adjust the salaries of engineers and draughtsmen.
An engineer said that there were more than 35 engineers and 10 draughtsmen who were former Banoco employees.
Tori Scurr is the most recently appointed member of the Newcastle team and works on behalf of blue chip engineering organisations, placing personnel such as draughtsmen and project engineers.
We no longer need to spend large sums of money advertising for skilled draughtsmen, as we are developing people from school leaving age.
Designed by Mario Botta and painstakingly constructed by almost one hundred architects, draughtsmen, carpenters and craftsmen, the full-scale model acted as a centrepiece for an exhibition held last year at Lugano's Cantonal Art Museum to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Borromini's birth.
MR Harold Marks, an executive of the Draughtsmen's and Allied Technicians' Association, supports Mr Denis Howell in his personal protests against the proposed tour by South African cricketers.
The draughtsmen and tracers downed tools for one day at the engineering firm.
Now growth at one of its larger clients, Babcock Design & Technology, has required extensive recruitment for positions including mechanical engineers, draughtsmen, structural and piping designers and electrical design engineers.
"We supply our staff, mainly engineers and draughtsmen, both in this country and overseas ( and we are talking about big players nationally.
Even though legislation was in place all around them, the legal draughtsmen took their time about following some excellent examples.
And more than 100 draughtsmen, technicians and clerical staff were also on strike at Holsett Engineering.
I greatly resent that a team of Dublin government draughtsmen are sitting in parliament buildings dictating the future of Northern Ireland."