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a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

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For the latter, Andrea's contemporaries often employed white heightening, though he, conspicuously, almost never did: paper and chalk were sufficient implements for this consummate draughtsman.
A skilled draughtsman was needed to assess the accuracy of the grid and Harold Hill kindly agreed to inspect the output.
The judge's comment came after the court descended into laughter several times during Mr Rutnah's cross-examination of draughtsman Ragen Hurobin.
In "Rigging: Period Fore-and-Aft Craft", author and professional illustrator Lennarth Pettersson draws upon his many years of experience and expertise as a model maker an draughtsman in the study of eighteenth-century rigs and rigging, to provide readers with a visual compendium concerning ever aspect and facet of a ship's rigging.
5x12") presents the history of Dublin's water and sewer systems, written by Corcoran, who was a draughtsman for the drainage division for 24 years and has also written a history of Dublin's trams.
Turner (1775-1851) was also a highly competent draughtsman.
Most of us know Joseph Michael Gandy (if at all) as John Soane's draughtsman.
The Basel show reveals a brilliant painter, draughtsman, and printmaker with pan-European ambitions.
A fifth contribution sheds light on the activities of another man associated with the Cinquecento art historian: the draughtsman Orazio Porta.
This is far from tiresome since he is a marvelous draughtsman and colorist, and the reproductions are well photographed.
A new guide on how to use the ROTOZIP Spiral Saw has been written by experienced draughtsman Joel Gessele.
Draughtsman, under Ken Whelan, caused a 16-1 surprise when taking advantage of Moscow Flyer's tumble in the beginners chase, getting up close home to beat Poetry Man by three quarters of a length, much to the delight of owner/trainer Louise Wood.
He was a pamphleteer and literary critic as well as a painter and skilled draughtsman but it is as the promoter of the avant garde fad, Vorticism and as a novelist that he is best remembered.
These two videos provide an in-depth view of Michelangelo as painter, sculptor, draughtsman, and architect.
Artists are frequently less appealing than the work they produce; George Orwell remarked famously that one ought to be able to remember "simultaneously" that Salvador Dali is both "a good draughtsman and a disgusting human being.