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forceful and extreme and rigorous

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The Lib Dem councillor said: ""Shropshire Council has drastically miscalculated the impact their charging will have on Ludlow.
Pakistan is going to drastically reduce the carbon foot prints with these measures, he added.
On Tuesday, a Facebook post claiming that a KFC outlet in Perlis had drastically increased the prices of its menu items started to spread on social media.
Our resources are decreasing drastically. It's time to do something.
Washington DC, [USA] Nov 1 ( ANI ): Cottonseed can drastically improve cholesterol profiles in young adult men, a recent study suggests.
All older properties should be eligible for grants to drastically reduce their energy consumption.
The category and use of vehicles allowed to bureaucrats and politicians should be drastically reduced.
Imports were from last yearEe's high base, when interruption in Enguri increased demand for imports drastically. Import came fully from Azerbaijan and accounted for 15.2% of total electricity supplied to the grid.
It's a date: Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) has a great night with Laura, but next day the couple have drastically different takes on the night's events.
Now they admit it will save only $100,000 while drastically cutting services.
TC-2035 thermally conductive adhesive is said to drastically raise the bar on managing heat in next-generation automotive applications, including power electronics for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.
Not only is your body deprived of essential nutrients but this also drastically affects the metabolism leading to weight gain and diabetes.
WELSH Councils have been praised for drastically reducing the amount of waste they send to landfill.
The Gamajet EZ-8 tank cleaning machine drastically reduces tank downtime in plants.
Not drastically. But Liam Payne's had a haircut, as you can see here.