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forceful and extreme and rigorous

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The most important thing we can get people to understand is there is no magic pill and these are drastic interventions.
The engineers at Drastic Technologies are experts in DDR and control solutions," said Jack Krooss, president of Viewgraphics, Inc.
A drastic, drastic, drastic revision of the SOFA'' is necessary, Inamine said, clenching his fist.
The central bank is not expected to entertain demands for further drastic cuts in rates even though there is evidence that the eurozone is sliding into an economic slump.
BEIRUT: The Union for Lebanon said Wednesday that Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon "have a quite fragile security situation, which could have drastic repercussions on the situation outside of the camps.
She promises the tempo of Drastic Fantastic is often "four to five times" that of its predecessor Eye To The Telescope and features her playing electric guitar.
Sounds a bit drastic but the state of our streets, parks and open spaces is drastic
Villaraigosa has warned that the city's growing structural deficit - the difference between revenue and spending - represents a ``crisis'' and he has vowed to eliminate the massive shortfall in five years even if it means drastic measures.
Lauded "Book of the Year" by the Coalition of Visionary Resources, The Shift: An Awakening is novel constructed around the the meeting of mystical revelation, political transformation, and the cusp of drastic awakening and draconian change.
Some may disagree on moral grounds, but surely drastic problems need drastic action?
I believe the people will use the election as a chance to show their desire for drastic change, with our party positioned as one able to deliver such drastic (political) reform,'' Ozawa said.
Many a time the company faced voices calling for drastic changes, or for closing down the company.
A drastic drop in nocturnal blood pressure may be the final insult that pushes such individuals toward the brink of blindness, Hayreh suggests.
Find out why this expert sees no need for drastic action through his market and fund analysis.
Whatever drastic measures are needed, i think some need to be taken in some respect over the next couple of days.