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cloth gracefully draped and arranged in loose folds

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While Maggie stood and unplaited her long black hair over her pink drapery, Lucy sat down near the toilette-table, watching her with affectionate eyes, and head a little aside, like a pretty spaniel.
And now Mr Thomas Codlin, the misanthrope, after blowing away at the Pan's pipes until he was intensely wretched, took his station on one side of the checked drapery which concealed the mover of the figures, and putting his hands in his pockets prepared to reply to all questions and remarks of Punch, and to make a dismal feint of being his most intimate private friend, of believing in him to the fullest and most unlimited extent, of knowing that he enjoyed day and night a merry and glorious existence in that temple, and that he was at all times and under every circumstance the same intelligent and joyful person that the spectators then beheld him.
com)-- Maui Drapery and Window Fashions today announced the launch of www.
June 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Motorized drapery systems no longer need an unattractive track.
This opportunity is offered for the operation a drapery, rug, carpet, floor and upholstery cleaning business servicing both residential and commercial customers that includes a proprietary system of operating a carpet business.
A drapery layer can be characterized by making the assumption that the nonhomogeneous layer can be represented by an equivalent homogenous layer that is assigned spatially averaged (effective) optical properties.
com; Upholsterer: BYRON GREEN, Classic Upholstery of Byram; Drapery: Goforth Draperies of Pearl; BARRY HENDRICKS, Drapery and Textile Design of Madison; Herrington Mill Work of Florence, 601.
Keyes then developed a chart that expressed measured shading coefficient (SC), defined as the ratio of solar gain through a window to the solar gain through a standard layer of clear glass as a function of yarn reflectance and weave openness when a drapery was combined with both regular plate and heat-absorbing glass.
Among the names given to various cave formations: popcorn coralloids, fried egg stalagmites, turnip shields, carrots, bacon drapery, butterscotch drapery, moon milk, soda straws.
San Francisco-based Deepa Textiles makes beautiful, iridescent drapery called Natural Intelligence that's based on mimicry of the Morpho butterfly.
Canvas Drapery Arrangement, 1967, a neutral "canvas to be arranged differently every day," was spread again like an abandoned picnic blanket from a dejeuner sur l'herbe, with photos documenting its various historical situations.
Department of Commerce last week began soliciting comments from the home textiles industry as to whether imports of curtains and drapery from China disrupt the domestic market or threaten to impede orderly trade.
The opportunity to see again significant numbers of drawings by the young Leonardo gathered together in three recent exhibitions seemed simply extraordinary, (1) and among the corpus of exhibited early drawings by the precocious genius, very few could match the aesthetic beauty, monumentality of expression, and technical innovation of the much-debated group of drapery studies painted in tempera with the brush on finely woven linen, prepared with a thin layer of blue-green grey, or beige, or nearly brown colour.
Drapery liners are available that hook onto existing window treatments and roller blinds.