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cloth gracefully draped and arranged in loose folds

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Curtains and draperies can change the look and feel of a home," says Alain, co-owner of Nicole Draperies, leading window covering and drapery store in Toronto.
Essays describe the influence and evolution through the ages of dress and drapery, show how painters have made dress and drapery come alive in pictures, sharpening the viewerAEs eyes in order to perceive them with insight, comprehension and feeling, in art and in life.
3 August 2016 - North Carolina-based window coverings maker Rowley Company has acquired Dallas, Texas-based custom decorative drapery hardware maker Fleuron Enterprises, Inc.
Careful consideration of solar radiation incident on a drapery layer with some openness reveals that a portion of the incident radiation passes undisturbed through the openings, and the remaining portion is intercepted by the yarn.
The effective solar properties of the drapery were estimated by applying a multiplicative factor to the solar properties of the fabric at normal incidence.
Directing her flashlight beam, she revealed bacon drapery and butterscotch drapery.
Drapery hardware styles tend to follow trends in wall-coverings and room decor.
Canvas Drapery Arrangement, 1967, a neutral "canvas to be arranged differently every day," was spread again like an abandoned picnic blanket from a dejeuner sur l'herbe, with photos documenting its various historical situations.
Department of Commerce last week began soliciting comments from the home textiles industry as to whether imports of curtains and drapery from China disrupt the domestic market or threaten to impede orderly trade.
The opportunity to see again significant numbers of drawings by the young Leonardo gathered together in three recent exhibitions seemed simply extraordinary, (1) and among the corpus of exhibited early drawings by the precocious genius, very few could match the aesthetic beauty, monumentality of expression, and technical innovation of the much-debated group of drapery studies painted in tempera with the brush on finely woven linen, prepared with a thin layer of blue-green grey, or beige, or nearly brown colour.
Drapery liners are available that hook onto existing window treatments and roller blinds.
15, in the Timken Art Gallery, San Diego, presents some distinct affinities in painted drapery style, faces, and landscape, despite the erosion and size differences between the two works.
The Glydea[TM] ZigBee[R] Plug-In Module provides embedded ZigBee[R] control of Somfy's line of Glydea drapery motors for integration with third party automation systems.
com)-- Metro is one of the company's super sleek lines of drapery hardware and is available in four finishes; Brushed Nickel, Soft Brass, Chrome, and Gloss Black.
US-based window coverings and architectural products maker Hunter Douglas has agreed to acquire the Levolor and Kirsch window coverings and drapery hardware business and brands from Newell Rubbermaid Inc.