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It was clear to me that it would be necessary to elaborate and improve the dramaturgy for the recording.
The second chapter, for instance--"Wit and Science and the Dramaturgy of Learning"--discusses the strategies used in humanist drama "to encourage the spectators' emotional embrace of the transformative vision of education" (49).
In terms of dramaturgy and her form, she is a genius.
Dramaturgy of Sound in the Avant-Garde and Postdramatic Theatre.
The first thing that captivates on the CD is its dramaturgy.
Fourth-year student in the Dramatic Studies Department Saleh Said al-Saleh told SANA there is a wide spectrum of job opportunities in the fields of journalism, direction, dramaturgy, scenario, script-writing and others.
The dramaturgy was skewed a bit by James Westman's too-broad portrayal of the Count--he should be a humorless chap, all but consumed with his obsession with Susanna--though he sang the role well.
In this leadership role, Weems will bring her expertise in theater directing, dramaturgy and interdisciplinary media to the school's diverse talent pool and offer her students an innovative education experience in New York.
From his PhD dissertation (1985) and monograph (1990), Price has extensively studied the political dramaturgy of Philipp Nicodemus Frischlin (1547-90), the volatile Tubingen professor who died in exile.
Waritschlager's thesis is a simple one: basically, Haydn's musical dramaturgy sprang from the principles of his instrumental music (p.
For while ``Empire'' opens with laudable aims and strong dramaturgy, it ends in turgid melodrama.
In notes written for American Repertory Theatre, dramaturgy student Ryan McKittrick describes Orton's jokes, and his style, as "an impertinent melange of absurd farce and reality.
Then, as a typical narrator of bildungsromans, he starts meandering and digressing and almost imperceptibly becomes a professor of history, geography, botany, chemistry, anthropology, ethnography, medicine; an expert on apiculture, honey-making, morphine addiction, incest, dramaturgy, and scores of other fields and disciplines.
Therein lies the problem with the casebook method--an unwillingness to accept the discomforting need to probe beneath the surface of Wilson's dramaturgy to engage the black experience as unfamiliar, even new, territory for intellectual inquiry.
Salome, Elektra, Der Rosenkavalier, Ariadne auf Naxos (these last two even with women playing men, pantomime-fashion), Die Frau ohne Schatten, Intermezzo, Arabella, Daphne and Capriccio all have their dramaturgy weighted in favour of women and the composer's writing for them is consummate, flattering, understanding and lovely.