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Synonyms for dramaturgical

of or relating to drama or the theater

Synonyms for dramaturgical

relating to the technical aspects of drama


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The fifth essay is particularly significant because it hones in on an aspect of Verdi's music that is often overlooked: the music for dance and ballets, specifically as conceived by Verdi as a dramaturgical element in his grand-opera, Les vepres siciliennes.
Our main focus is (entering) the third wave, addressing the research question: What are the dramaturgical consequences of returning to a talking heads format for the news item?
The priesthood alone provided a time-rich environment conducive to combined practitioner experiment and reflection, until developing possibilities of employment gave lay exponents the breathing space to formulate a dramaturgical vision co-extensive with their practical experience.
6) More to the point, she argues that they are largely interested in "identities unmade" (7) and, to be even more specific, in the dramaturgical unmaking of identity.
Faustus, stressing the fact that although it is in essence a basic composition the oppositional binary remains a powerful dramaturgical device in theatrical staging.
She begins by summarizing the various forms of masques (Jonsonian court masques, masques performed at the Inns of Court, and country-house masques), and then proceeds to lay out the various dramatic and dramaturgical functions of masques-within (dramatic triggers, emblematic illustrations of themes or concepts, structural dramaturgical elements, and allegorical satiric mirrors), before turning to the masques within Massinger's plays.
Woody's poor estimation of his own dramaturgical talent suddenly seems relevant with the news that his 1994 film Bullets Over Broadway is going to become a Broadway musical and Woody is writing the book.
Of course, Flotron's videos are not direct interventions in or even documentations of the world of work, but rather images intended to provoke reflection, though they emerge from a camera that seems simply to record without dramaturgical effects.
One factually described the process by which George Washington became the first president; the other used dramaturgical techniques to create some uncertainty as to whether he would be elected.
Rifkin proposes the use of evolving interaction techniques such as Internet technology-aided global dramaturgical interactions (based on 20th century self-help process groups) to engender sufficient empathy that the privileged minority and exponentially growing impoverished global populations can together establish sustainable equitably distributed resource availability.
Additionally, Centerstage offers a variety of dramaturgical, community, and educational programs to broaden access and enhance the theatergoing experience, earning its honorary designation as the official State Theater of Maryland.
By comparing the play with its precursors, Ranke demonstrates that Gottsched's text not only differs from its models but also from Gottsched's own professions of the play's goals in his dramaturgical writings.
Schindler offers an interpretation of Plato that continues the trend toward honoring the dramaturgical elements as much as the philosophical arguments.
I hope, then, to justify the use of the word "drama" in contemporary popular sporting discourse to demonstrate that a dramaturgical appreciation of the sporting event enhances critical engagement, while contributing to the ongoing debate regarding sport as an aesthetic concern.
Using her own research on the dramaturgical process over the past 7 years, as well as other empirical studies documenting this type of work, the author argues that the dramaturgical process is a powerful learning environment for understanding positive youth development.