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Synonyms for dramaturgic

of or relating to drama or the theater

Synonyms for dramaturgic

relating to the technical aspects of drama

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Female Characters and Female Audiences, Remarks on Female Roles in the Indian Dramaturgic Tradition.
In the Age of Enlightenment, arts included the various forms of the so-called fine arts: the classical genres of painting and graphics, sculpture, architecture, and may other secondary genres; dramatic art, having as main genres theatre, dance/choreography; music having as main branches vocal and instrumental music; literature with the epic, dramaturgic, and lyrical genres.
That she would come to direct the first production of Something Cloudy, Something Clear, a play with a title so clearly reminiscent of Clair/Obscur and a structural opacity so similar to Cocteau's dramaturgic work, with hindsight arguably could be interpreted as a natural occurrence--i.
As Donaghue remarks, "crisis is a dramaturgic term, suggesting urgent problems that require immediate heroic solutions" (1), which underpins many academics' positioning of themselves as morally superior to their opponents.
Anselm Gerhard, "Politische Aussagen in neuem Licht: Attila und die Bedeutung des 'Chiaroscuro' fur Verdis musikalische Dramaturgic," Schweizer Jahrbuch fur Musikwissenschaft/Annales suisses de musicologie/Annuario svizzero di musicologia Nene Folge 28-29 (2008): 151-70.
The dramaturgic maneuver is also didactically functional.
From the aspect of aesthetics the dramaturgic output of stage directors is variable although mostly the postdramatic textual strategies are preferred.
If we stick to Etherege's text and refrain from adding our own modern dramaturgic notions, we see the following: in the first part of this scene the two men on the apron watch the two women crossing the stage at some distance, entering from between the wings and exiting between the wings on the other side.
Even more relevantly, The Monthly Mirror focused on the impact and function of mystery in the play, the presence of the unsaid and its dramaturgic representation, as well as the forensic overtones of the plot:
One way to understand the relationship between space and identity is to introduce the dramaturgic argument and utilize Erving Coffman's (1959) insights into the nature of front and hack stages.
While frequenting these nightclubs I interacted with social actors from an interactionist point of view, considering the dramaturgic aspect of the relationship, in which the subject's actions are motivated by the projection of the conduct other social actors display (Goffman, 1989).
Moreover, the female characters in the pageant, though outnumbered by their male counterparts, were still dramaturgic ally important because they conveyed ideals associated with the IODE at the time.
If traditional narrative fiction takes the strong, unique, dramatic event as its main node of significance, the narrated events of Celati's stories are instead incidental; casual to the point of dramaturgic irrelevance; contingent on no strong existential motivation.
6) One excellent exception can be found in Thomas Beutelschmidt, 'Von West nach Ost--von Ost nach West: Irrlicht und Feuer, in Henning Wrage, ed, Alltag: Zur Dramaturgic des Normalen in DDR-Fernsehen, Leipziger Universitatsverlag, 2006, pp.
And, fittingly, it functioned here as a dramaturgic sluice gate: Two doors led, like distinct paths, into and out of the show--and on each of these paths one could locate Cabrita Reis's "dream image" of a dissolution of spatial boundaries in one's sights.