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Synonyms for dramatist


Synonyms for dramatist

someone who writes plays


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My brother was to be his representative and successor; he must go to Eton and Oxford, for the sake of making connexions, of course: my father was not a man to underrate the bearing of Latin satirists or Greek dramatists on the attainment of an aristocratic position.
Several people have suggested that she should go on the stage, but of course I couldn't consent to that, I know all the chief dramatists, and I could get her a part to-morrow, but I shouldn't like her to mix with all sorts of people.
In spite of a slight tendency to exaggeration, Katharine decidedly hits the mark," he said, and lying back in his chair, with his opaque contemplative eyes fixed on the ceiling, and the tips of his fingers pressed together, he depicted, first the horrors of the streets of Manchester, and then the bare, immense moors on the outskirts of the town, and then the scrubby little house in which the girl would live, and then the professors and the miserable young students devoted to the more strenuous works of our younger dramatists, who would visit her, and how her appearance would change by degrees, and how she would fly to London, and how Katharine would have to lead her about, as one leads an eager dog on a chain, past rows of clamorous butchers' shops, poor dear creature.
All plays taken together are called the drama, and the writers of them are called dramatists, from a Greek word dran, to act or do.
In the elder English dramatists, and mainly in the plays Of Beaumont and Fletcher, there is a constant recognition of gentility, as if a noble behavior were as easily marked in the society of their age as color is in our American population.
I offer it, as totally new, to the worn-out dramatists of France.
This debut novel by a 2001 MacArthur-genius grantee and 2002 Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist (for Topdog/Underdog) is as deceptively short and simple a narrative as a good blues song.
Gareth Miles, Pontypriddbased dramatist, novelist and scriptwriter, will give a talk in French entitled Le theatre Quebecois vu d'ailleurs.
Discussions concerning autobiographer Richard Wright, novelist Ernest Gaines, visual artist Glenn Ligon, and dramatist Anna Deavere Smith illustrate Connor's desire for a multigenre consideration of the slave narrative tradition.
With a hot new off-Broadway play and a movie that drew throngs at Sundance, drag dramatist Charles Busch is moving from cult to culture
The name refers to a high cultural moment in Spain, and to the artists and writers, like dramatist and poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, who made it so.
DRAMATIST, one of the best-known jumpers of his generation, has died at the age of 28, writes Graham Green.
Sacks believes that "to be ourselves we must have ourselves - possess, if need be repossess, our life stories"; he tells these stories "magnificently," says Brook, "and in the manner that every dramatist, from the Greeks to the playwrights of the present day, has attempted - penetrating hidden areas of human beings.
of London) locates the performative indicators that Spanish dramatist Lorca (1898-1936) encoded in his plays, and shows how they have been manifested through modes of performance.
Welsh audiences will get a rare chance to see the funnier side of a bleak dramatist as a new tour brings some of his lesser known works to the stage.