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Synonyms for dramatist


Synonyms for dramatist

someone who writes plays


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Lukas Erne's Shakespeare as Literary Dramatist has done a great deal to contest the notion that it is not until the early seventeenth century that 'the concept of dramatic authorship emerges .
NO writer was adjudged worthy of the drama medal, the National Eisteddfod's main prize for dramatists.
As already indicated, each play is prefaced by a brief essay on the dramatist and her oeuvre.
A TROUPE of 20 Goan dramatists will be flown into Bahrain later this month to perform a popular new play.
In this way she sets up a dialogue with those reviewers and critics who contributed to Dicenta's erasure as a dramatist.
This debut novel by a 2001 MacArthur-genius grantee and 2002 Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist (for Topdog/Underdog) is as deceptively short and simple a narrative as a good blues song.
In this first volume Foster, Carroll Professor of Irish History at the University of Oxford, limits himself to the "young" Yeats--poet of the Celtic Twilight, occasional speaker, serious dramatist, and one of the founders in 1897 of the Irish Literary Theatre, which evolved into the Irish National Theatre Society and then into the Abbey Theatre.
AS they level up now for home it's Night Nurse on the inside from Dramatist and Monksfield coming there strongly too.
The Key marks a new development in al-Ani's career as a dramatist, signaling the beginning of a mature, second phase in which he experimented with new techniques and heightened the political resonance of his work.
QUINZE has been absent since winning that Naas race in the hands of Richard Dunwoody and since then second-placed Dramatist has won here.
Dramatist, ridden by Charlie Swan, can get the ball rolling in the Quik Pick Food Stores Novice Hurdle.
Although there are several prominent and interesting female characters in the plays, only one woman dramatist is included in the volume.
The theatrical imagination of Ayckbourn the resident dramatist is more disconcertingly fluid than that of Ayckbourn the Wordsworthian moralist.
WELTY: He has the energy of an imaginative dramatist.
Danish dramatist and social critic, best known outside Denmark for two plays, Melodien der blev vak (1935; English adaptation, The Melody That Got Lost) and Anna Sophie Hedvig (1939), which defends the use of force by the oppressed against the oppressor.