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Synonyms for dramatics

the art and occupation of an actor


overemotional exaggerated behavior calculated for effect

Synonyms for dramatics

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Film and TV actress of eminence, Nisho will grace the Dramatics competition by her distinguished presence as the chief guest.
The retired scaffolder also revealed his son's passion for amateur dramatics at school and at a theatre in Hagley, Worcs - as our pictures show - before his passion for West Bromwich Albion took over.
Girls from BMOS Amateur Dramatics Society, want men for their Old Rep performance of The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.
Good to know that small, adventurous companies like Unknown Theater are out scouring the dramatic archives for hidden or neglected treasures.
Amateur dramatics clubs could be breaking the law if they do not ensure that the venue they have chosen has one.
Marcia Hayd6e, the production's original Juliet, made a star turn out of the mime and mad scene dramatics of Lady Capulet.
The model's pose, her slight contortion, sends the twang of sexualized scenario through the work, in chorus with the equivocal dramatics of her self-display: on the one hand brazenly demonstrative, on the other, hidden-faced, constrained (hands locked above head).
The aim of the event was to keep amateur dramatics groups active until the theatre reopens.
Amateur dramatics group Stage 27 will be putting on two fund-raising performances of the Grimm Tales, including Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood.
The symptoms include the constant seeking of reassurance or approval, excessive dramatics with exaggerated displays of emotion, excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval, a need to be the centre of attention, rapidly shifting emotional states and a tendency to make rash decisions.
Golcar vicar the Rev Lloyd Davies loved both amateur dramatics and painting.
Adult section members of the Barry Arts Centre amateur dramatics group were today putting the final touches to their latest extravaganza, A Ticket to the Musicals, which begins tomorrow.
Only right now, the dramatics have swung to the Suns.
Happy-clappy frontman Tim DeLaughter is like a weird cross between Jesus Christ Superstar and David Icke and the Spree themselves - including an eight-strong choir - look like an over-eager amateur dramatics club.
This lesson plan for grade 3 intends for students to use creative dramatics to demonstrate an understanding of three ways a mountain can be formed; students will also explore the effects of elevation on plant and animal life and on weather in the regions on both sides of a mountain.