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Anne Bancroft - up for an Emmy for her dramatic work in the CBS teleplay, ``Deep in My Heart'' - has written a screenplay for a film in which she'll star, her proud mate, Brooks, tells us.
25") volume highlights the dramatic work of neo-Romantic artist Eugene Berman and his contemporaries.
You can't patronize or make it a history lesson; it's got to be a dramatic work.
Those in the know had been equally impressed, if not more so, by her dramatic work in the acclaimed independent film ``The Whole Wide World,'' a period piece set in Zellweger's native Texas that required every emotion under the Southern sun.
A dramatic work wound around an emotional theme, the piece concerns facing death from AIDS, and, in a larger sense, everyone's last dance on earth.
MacMillan's Different Drummer is a somber and dramatic work created in 1984.
People who go to the Forthside complex - Scotland's building conservation centre - will get an insight into this highly specialist and dramatic work as it progresses.
He privileges theatrical performance as a means of interpreting a dramatic work, especially one like Libation Bearers that is not in the active performance repertoire.
Completed in 2010, it is more a meditation on an Ovid tale than a dramatic work, or, as a convoluted program note explained, "the opera focuses not on action, or on 'the traditional arc of time,' but on a man and woman's interior emotional states as separated by a metaphoric wall of the 'subtlety of the unconscious,' the presence of nature; and a stillness evocative of Samuel Beckett's most static work.
Now properly authenticated, the dramatic work of Snowdonian hills and cottages is up for auction with a guide price of PS35,000 to PS45,000.
Though Alasdair Gray is best known as an artist and a novelist--a large part of his literary corpus was published in the eighties and nineties following the success of his Scottish epic Lanark (1981)--it was his dramatic work in radio and television a decade or two earlier that first familiarized Scottish audiences with Gray's work.
The individual entries of Volume II follow the format of those in Volume I, presenting a wealth of information about each dramatic work.
Susan K Moore's Fowey is a peaceful depiction of the beach scene while Jayne Powell's Layered is a dramatic work with wild coloured shapes, and soldiers fighting in the background, with people in a Remembrance Day parade walking into the foreground.
IT'S been described as both a comic and dramatic work, but there's not much to laugh about in Mozart's Don Giovanni which launches the Welsh National Opera's autumn season.
Spanish critic MasCarello of Paradoxo says Shua "masterfully employs black humor" in her satirical and dramatic work.