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We report a novel case in which a patient voluntarily discontinued AST after 10 years of treatment, and paradoxically experienced full resolution of all signs of chronic PJI including recovery of his left-sided draining sinus tract and has had no signs of infection over the last 10 years.
This duct now drained into the gallbladder fossa, causing the collection and draining sinus.
Intra-oral examination revealed chronic abscess with draining sinus through attached gingiva in relation to 31 (Fig.
(1) The pathophysiologic mechanism of sinusitis, as proposed by Messerklinger, is thought to begin with mild edema that leads to obstruction at the draining sinus ostia.
The lesion usually defies accurate identification on clinical grounds and can be mistaken for benign conditions, such as a foreign body granulomatous reaction, a draining sinus, or an infected wart.
On examination, she had a draining sinus tract near the knee, which probed to a depth of 5 cm.
The basic lesion is represented by granulation tissue having small abscesses, sulphur granules and occasionally draining sinus tracts.
The axillary region in this patient has active, draining sinus tracts that have formed ropelike, fibrotic subcutaneous scars.
(14) Presence of draining sinus in the tuberculous osteomyelitis may hinder its distinction from pyogenic disease.