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Synonyms for drain

Synonyms for drain

to remove (a liquid) by a steady, gradual process

to lessen or weaken severely, as by removing something essential

to diminish the strength and energy of

Synonyms for drain

emptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it

tube inserted into a body cavity (as during surgery) to remove unwanted material

Related Words

a pipe through which liquid is carried away

a gradual depletion of energy or resources

flow off gradually


Related Words

empty of liquid

Related Words

make weak

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Efforts should be made to minimize the complexity of cleaning by trying to make systems cleanable, sanitizable and fully drainable in place.
Antimicrobial agents are generally reserved for patients who have extensive disease involving multiple infection sites and/or systemic symptoms, purulent cellulitis without drainable foci, or septic phlebitis, or failed to respond to incision and drainage alone.
Diamond drill cores were obtained in the field for both drainable and total porosity.
The effect of parameters influencing soil water content (PAWC, drainable porosity and rainfall) or temperature (average maximum temperature) was overridden by the different N application rates applied at the different sites.
Stoma Care/Ostomy Care and Accessories Market by Procedure (Colostomy, Ileostomy, Urostomy), Bags (One-Piece, Two-Piece, Drainable, Re-usable), Accessories (Paste & Powder, Cream, Cleanser, Deodorant) & End Users - Global Forecast to 2021
However, if infection, trauma or neoplasm is a primary consideration, contrast should be administered to delineate the extent of involvement and to assess for potentially drainable collections.
No drainable focal fluid collection or foreign body was demonstrated.
8m donation to fund the Living Levels Partnership which is working to maintain the biodiversity and wildlife of the landscape of fields and drainable ditches, most of which are recognised as being of sites of special scientific importance.
Answering customer needs for moisture management solutions, Mid-State will carry Benjamin Obdyke's Slicker[R] HP Rainscreen, Slicker[R] MAX Rainscreen, Slicker[R] CLASSIC Rainscreen, HydroGap[R] Drainable Housewrap, HydroFlash[R] Self-Adhered Flashing, and Cedar Breather[R] Ventilated Roof Underlayment.
Water firms can choose how they charge and United Utilities bases its charges for the North West on the area of drainable land schools occupy not rateable value.
The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, volume (in units) and average prices (in US dollars) within market segments - Colostomy (One Piece Colostomy Drainage Bags (Closed and Drainable One - Piece Colostomy Drainage Bags) and Two Piece Colostomy Drainage Bags (Closed and Drainable Two - Piece Colostomy Drainage Bags)), Ileostomy (One Piece Ileostomy Drainage Bags (Closed and Drainable One - Piece Ileostomy Drainage Bags) and Two Piece Ileostomy Drainage Bags (Closed and Drainable Two - Piece Ileostomy Drainage Bags)) and Urostomy (One Piece Urostomy Drainage Bags (Closed and Drainable One - Piece Urostomy Drainage Bags) and Two Piece Urostomy Drainage Bags (Closed and Drainable Two - Piece Urostomy Drainage Bags)).
Impact of cyprinids on zooplankton and algae in ten drainable ponds.
The testing facility has the capability to test hot-mix asphalt pavements for rutting or fatigue cracking, thermal effects, reinforced base effectiveness, drainable base effectiveness, freeze/thaw cycling, and pumping action in portland cement concrete pavements.
It features a compact, lightweight and fully drainable design and offers high range-ability with a turndown ratio up to 30:1, and optimal performance with supreme stability and sensitivity.
Sonic drilling is expected to commence on 10 September to collect sediment and fractured rock samples for drainable porosity testing and other geotechnical test work