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American herb having sharply serrate lanceolate leaves and spikes of blue to violet flowers

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II-4: The concentration of N, P and K (%) in different Dragonhead (Dracocephalum moldavica L,)plant tissues showed a remarkable increase with different levels of organic fertilizers.
Oral contracts are most commonly used by middlemen and county-level dragonhead firms because of strong social capital and social networks in rural areas.
Chinese evidently displays a large number of 'A-N' and 'N-N' compounds as for example xiao-fei 'small-cost' = 'tip,' da-yi 'big-coat' = 'overcoat,' hong-hua 'red-flower'= 'safflower' (plant used in traditional Chinese medicine), cha-hua 'tea-flower'-'camelia,' long-tou 'dragonhead' = 'tap,' and huo-che 'fire-vehicle' = 'train'.
Besides the Pearl River Delta complex and the Xiamen Triangle, the Yangtze River Delta as an open zone seeks to turn Shanghai, with its new financial center in Pudong, into the "dragonhead" of Chinese development.
"Dragonhead," Adventure; producer, Takashi Hirano; director, George Iida; cast, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Sayaka, Naohito Fujiki.
False dragonhead, obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana).
Common Name: Physostegia, False Dragonhead, Obedient Plant
Common Names: false dragonhead, obedient plant, lion's heart, obedience
Even the jolting motion of these coaches only heightened their extraordinary status, and in this respect was later transferred to the earliest modern automobile which also aroused the curiosity of two contemporary monarchs - an elective affinity of science and principality (in a curious advertisement, the manufacturer said that the dragonhead figure crowning the wood drank water, beer, and wine, but best liked mead!).
Delphinium 3-7 3'-6' June-July False Dragonhead 3-7 2'-3' Aug.-Sept.
DRAGONHEAD AND GUESTS: Beacon Folk Night, Beacon Centre, Central Avenue, Nuneaton.