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slender-bodied non-stinging insect having iridescent wings that are outspread at rest

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Stephen said: "The common hawker is a large dragonfly which is on the wing from the end of June through to October.
Dragonfly Hotspots are sites carefully chosen by the BDS as ideal places for dragonfly and damselfly species to live and thrive.
Researchers from the Illinois Natural History Survey and the University of Illinois discovered that during dry periods, the larvae of the endangered dragonfly took refuge in the wet crayfish burrows.
Nano Dimensions DragonFly LDM extends 3D printing for printed electronics beyond prototyping to true in-house, lights-out digital manufacturing, enabling one-off prototypes as well as low-volume manufacturing of printed electronics.
Of the latest moult, Gerry and Avril said: "We spent over two hours by the pond taking pictures of the newly emerged nymph and watched as the dragonfly very slowly emerged.
The dragonfly lander is a 10-foot-long and 10-foot-wide dual-quadcopter that will be powered by eight rotors that would allow it to travel around eight or nine miles in under an hour.
Over 5,680 dragonfly species have been discovered around the world, with 46 in Pakistan alone.
NASA exploration of Titan advances its search for the building blocks of life, the Dragonfly mission will fly multiple sorties to sample and examine sites around Saturn's icy moon.
During their cursory read-in and training, one of the five, a fly fisherman, codenamed Limpet, comes up with the perfect name for the team: Dragonfly. "They're almost impossible to snare and have no blind spots," he explains.
Choose from a butterfly, a dragonfly or buy both - they will look great whether hung on a garden wall or inside in your home.
With a simple story, perfect for read-alouds, this scientific look at a dragonfly's life-cycle will captivate little entomologists.
Karachi -- Oxford University Press (OUP) launched Dragonfly Readers-an innovative 9 level reading series aimed at helping young learners of English develop good reading habits and become motivated readers.
Google employees wrote an open letter calling on Google to cancel Project Dragonfly, an effort to create a censored search engine for the China, CNBC reports.
Since China is an important market, Google is developing a censored search-engine for Beijing codenamed "Dragonfly" that would filter content deemed sensitive by its ruling Communist Party regime.
has unveiled the new Dragonfly G2 platform, which incorporates many of the benefits of the Firefly system onto the Dragonfly platform, including higher sensitivity and throughput and the proprietary Clearfind Technology.