dragon's mouth

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a bog orchid with usually a solitary fragrant magenta pink blossom with a wide gaping corolla

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Plus, he says the Komodo dragon's mouth doesn't contain more bacteria than other animals in the wild.
All the information goes from his face into a computer and they generate (the dragon's mouth) from that."
Back in the steel dragon's mouth, Airman Kyser applies his new knowledge and uses a circle pattern as he shoots down 200 gallons of water per minute onto the roaring flames.
The Straight from the Dragon's Mouth event was at Dudley's Showcase Cinema, and was arranged by Black Country Chamber & Business Link.
On nights of the full moon, sulphurous spring water oozes from the dragon's mouth. Magpies as big as eagles drink the water, carolling sweetly or screeching hoarsely according to their magpie moods, they drink and grow to twice the size of the other magpies in the town, these witch's magpies.
The dragon's mouth is just aft of the front sight, and its legs--on either side of the slide--are bunched up as if to pounce on its prey.
Dragon's Mouth Barley Wine is the first in a series of bottle-conditioned "Cellar Reserve" beers from Grand Teton Brewing Co.
The fluffy, fleet-footed carrot-cruncher careered off in the direction of the Dragon's Mouth entrance to the arena before coming within a whisker or two of meeting it's maker.
The lights went out, the air horns screamed and the loud music competed with the deafening roar of engines emanating from the bowels of the stadium up the Dragon's Mouth and into the amphitheatre awaiting the riders.
In the poem "here yet be dragons" the poet observes that "so many languages have fallen / off of the edge of the world / into the dragon's mouth. / ...
Impossible, and yet I seem to be dropped in the basket like a cut flower trembling on its stem; am arranged with the others by a pilot who keeps firing from a tank of gas an ear-blasting dragon's mouth of heat unbearable to look at; and straight as an elevator the montgolfiere lifts in unfettered calm.
Books were kept under a wooden staircase, and from them V.S., his sisters, and brother Shiva, who died in 1985 -- author of Fireflies and Beyond the Dragon's Mouth -- were grilled by their father -- a journalist and short story writer -- in vocabulary and comprehension.
BRAVE: This young knight put his head into the dragon's mouth
Snapdragon (Antirrhinum), have lots of colour and the kids will enjoy pinching the blossom gently to make the dragon's mouth open.