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American herb having sharply serrate lanceolate leaves and spikes of blue to violet flowers

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The first person in line is the dragon's head. The last person in line is the end of the dragon's tail, the one the dragon's head must catch.
The dragon's head may be the most important area for detail.
Sion's wife, an ex-pupil of Treorchy, came up with the idea of using the teachers' handprints as the spikes on the dragon, which the pupils loved and it was decided that the student council should show the teachers how it's done by putting theirs on top of the dragon's head in luminous green paint.
The sport involves teams of up to 20 paddlers in a brightly-coloured 40-foot boat featuring a dragon's head at the front and tail at the back.
Youngsters at Unity City Academy supplied the home with the dragon's head and staff added material to make the rest of the body.
Work Title: The Great Wall Revisited From the Jade Gate to Old Dragon's Head
Old Dragon's Head, in eastern China, has a rather more obvious connection with the creature that gives it its name than Worm's Head, in Gower, which takes it name from the old English word for dragon.
The mogul submitted an application to replace the larger than life castle, called 'Dragon's Head', with a more technologically advanced structure.
The dragon boats themselves are 15-metre long "canoes" decorated with a dragon's head and tail.
PUSHING THE BOAT OUT: Members of Coventry's Chinese community work on a dragon boat for Saturday's fun event and (right) Lai Wah Bang puts the finishing touches to a dragon's head. Pictures: JAMES BALFOUR
Paths made with railway sleepers, vegetable beds created from reclaimed old stone slates , a willow and hazel arbour and a timber frame workshop with a galvanised roof and Welsh upland landscape flowers provide the setting for the garden's centrepiece, the large copper dragon's head created by carver and coppersmith Richard Taylor.
A giant dragon's head loaned by the town's Chinese community added to the atmosphere.
Complete with a dragon's head, drummers beating time and crews paddling hard, the boats made an impressive sight.
Teams of 14 to 16 people will paddle side by side in a 42-foot boat, carved with a dragon's head and tail.
The event involves racing long boats decorated with a dragon's head and tail with a crew of 10 paddlers, a drummer and a helm.