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tombodden@dailypost.co.uk What you think of Beeb cuts FOLLOWING the news that programmes in Wales, including Dragon's Eye and AM:PM, are to be axed as BBC Wales looks to cut its annual spending by pounds 10.7m over the next five years, here's what some of you have been saying on Twitter...
Along with her warrior, Trent, Avril embarks on a journey to find the Dragon's Eye and restore peace to the territory.
In an interview with BBC Wales's Dragon's Eye, his wife Trish said: "There was pressure put on him.
Mr Brunstrom sparked anger among police colleagues when he told BBC Wales's Dragon's Eye programme that he was prepared to see the Class A drug sold on the street or through pharmacies, as reported earlier.
If you've traveled to Asia, you may have eaten a longan--also called dragon's eye. These round, cherry-size fruits have a sweet, juicy succulence that makes them wildly popular in Asia.
He was chief political correspondent and presented a number of political programmes including, Dragon's Eye. He also worked as a correspondent for BBC network news, presented the breakfast news programmes on both Radio Wales and Radio Cymru,and most recently presented BBC Wales' main news programme for S4C, Newyddion 9.
"Dragon's Eye is not an easy programme for politicians to go on, but I have always relished the challenge.
Of particular concern is the plan by BBC Wales to scrap the political programmes Dragon's Eye and AM:PM.
And the intensely personal nature of this battle was shown on the BBC's Dragon's Eye last week when candidates Jenny Randerson and Kirsty Williams, right, were interviewed sitting on the same sofa - and could barely disguise their contempt for each other.
Writer, artist, singer, and movie buff Kaza Kingsley presents Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye, a fantasy adventure novel for young adults set in the magical world of Alypium, a place hidden within our own world and brimming with mysterious magic and wondrous creatures.
Ancient spells and charms will help you advance to the Dragon's Eye.
The First Minister was due to appear on BBC Wales political show Dragon's Eye.
He despatches his hulking henchman Damodar (Bruce Payne) to locate the fabled Dragon's Eye gem, which will give him control of an army of red dragons - sufficient firepower to overthrow the Empress.
The decision to scrap the long-running Dragon's Eye programme in favour of an out-sourced show led to concerns from politicians that BBC Wales was seeking to dilute its political coverage.
As regards cuts, one of the things that has been mentioned as I understand it is only Wales Today and one programme, Week In Week Out, would be available for Welsh issues and politics - nothing from the party conferences, no Dragon's Eye, no Politics Show, nothing else.