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a system of coordinated measures for apprehending (criminals or other individuals)

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a conical fishnet dragged through the water at great depths

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The output of the Aerial Dragnet system would be a continually updated common operational picture (COP) of the airspace at altitudes below where current aircraft surveillance systems can monitor, disseminated electronically to authorized users via secure data links.
Fishermen had been up in arms over government intentions to issue licences for dragnet fishing, a move they said would drive them out of business.
Parts II and III of this article describe the nature and effects of dragnet actions.
This dragnet method is likely to get someone, though whether it would be the right someone remains a doubt.
DAFT FUN: Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks star in Dragnet, Sky Modern Greats, 6.
Police told Army Radio that the boy seemed to be telling the truth and that a dragnet was being conducted in hopes of locating the would-be kidnappers.
Is that dragnet that USC's athletic department is trying to throw over coach Pete Carroll really Dolphin-safe?
In addition to its link-analysis effort, the NSA operated a dragnet of Americans' electronic communications with eerie echoes of Operation Shamrock.
The huge lake in the new town had been drained but Northumbria Water Authority's dragnet to save the stock of fish had failed and more than 30,000 were left in pools of water only a few inches deep and stuck in mud banks.
When viruses lie dormant in a cell, they can escape the drugs' dragnet.
An oil-collecting dragnet, designed by a French fisherman after the catastrophic oil slick caused by the sinking of the Prestige oil tanker off the coast of north-east Spain in December 2002, has been adapted to good use in the Mediterranean Sea and recently tested off the coast of Marseilles in France.
18) Ironically, suspect databanks created through dragnets may provide less protection for those who voluntarily provide genetic material than for those who are actually indicted but then acquitted, since in many states the law requires the destruction of DNA evidence once a person is exonerated but leaves dragnet databases completely unregulated.
Experts warn, however, that even if the current dragnet succeeds in capturing Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda will remain potent and will have to be dealt with on the global scale as well as regionally on the Wahhabi scale.
If verified, it would provide the first evidence in a year that bin Laden survived American bombs in Afghanistan and has hidden from a global dragnet.
Somehow this ecclesiastical dragnet aimed at all secular music got focused almost exclusively on the song "Danny Boy" in recent months.