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Synonyms for dragger

someone who pulls or tugs or drags in an effort to move something


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a fishing boat that uses a trawl net or dragnet to catch fish

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3) 6590n003-piller drill machine heavy duty with motor and accessories, make:- bosch, dragger,stihi or similar,firms offer accepted make/brand: bosch;
Some of my earliest memories involve fishermen bitterly complaining about foreign draggers taking all "our" fish.
Besides, it's a Fascinating field, and people who tire science teachers are passionate and enthusiastic." And it's got to be a better job than tick dragger.
Also on the list of most horrible jobs were tick dragger, Iraqi archeologist, and K-25 demolition worker.
Also on the list of most horrible jobs were: tick dragger, Iraqi archeologist, and K-25 demolition worker.
"In many ways, the T-45 without SASS feels like you're landing a tail dragger," said Lieutenant Allen Blocker, VX-23 lead test pilot for the T-45 ground handling project.
During the course of the tragedy the speaker queries, "who is the human in this place, / the thing that is dragged or the dragger?" The section ends with two poems of lamentation, "grief" and "report from the angel of eden." The mature poet evaluates the story of the origin of America and demonstrates with keen awareness both the folly of humankind and the myth of America.
I've been "The Dragger," forcing my family to go to these company events.
A "toe dragger," or someone particularly rough on shoes and very active, will be looking to get something as durable as possible.
Prominent aircraft tugs market players have already launched electric aircraft tugs, such as E200 of Aero-Tow, ThunderVolt of PowerTow, and Dragger's Nose-Dragger NDE-1.
In July 2013 they performed their first gig and released EP3 which was the first release to feature Matt on recording; and in December 2013 they released their 4th, Obsessive Computive Disorder at a show with We Are Knuckle Dragger, Cauls and Vasquez.
Also, Generator's ability to programme the best emerging talent in the region and beyond has provided a fantastic platform for new acts to follow in the footsteps of Lulu James, Mausi, Beth Jeans Houghton, The Lake Poets, Nadine Shah, Lisbon, We Are Knuckle Dragger and Boy Jumps Ship."
While nine microbreweries from across Britain - Scotland's Alechemy and Cromarty, the music oriented Signature, Beavertown, Redwillow, Tiny Rebel, Lovibonds, Harbour and Moor - will each be sending three of their beers to be served alongside a trio of Anarchy's ales, which may include one of the business' recent band inspired brews, Grin and Bear It, and We Are Knuckle Dragger.
The Dragger line of tugs includes a pair of gasoline and battery-powered tugs for both nosewheel and tail-wheel airplanes up through 6000 pounds.