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silvery candy beads used for decorating cakes

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sugar-coated nut or fruit piece

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pill that is a sugar-coated medicated candy

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The drugs were macerated with the aid of mortar and pestle and placed in eppendorf vials labeled with the number 1 and 2, corresponding to each dragee. The mass corresponding to dragee 1 had its mass divided between analyzes so that, of the mass of drug was used for FT-IR analysis, part of the mass to XRD analysis.
The confectionary gem offers a wide selection of categories, including: gluten free, sugar free, organic, kosher, all natural, and salted, all in various forms of candy, chocolate, nougat, caramel, dragee, licorice, malban, and others.
Carluccio's dragee flower box of dark chocolates covered in a sugar shell make a bouquet with a difference.
Malgre les 8 changements effectues par rapport au onze qui s'etait incline en Uruguay, les Bleus n'ont ainsi pas reussi a tenir la dragee haute face a une equipe en "mode competition" a six jours du coup d'envoi de la Coupe des Confederations, repetition generale d'une Coupe du monde sur son sol qu'elle n'a pas le droit de manquer.
Chez elle aussi, la forme de lisse dragee est minoritaire.
Tomex[R] Dragees Each dragee contains 200mg of specilly prepared garlic powder URINEX[R] Soft Gelatin Each gelatine capsule Capsules contains: Pinene(a+p) 31mg Camphene 15mg Borneol 10mg Fenchone 4mg Anethole 4mg Cineole 3mg Venoruton[R] Tablet and Venoruton contains O- GEL (p-hydroxyethyl)--rutoside.
The sugar syrup for dragee is cooked to the thread stage [240[degrees]F (116[degrees]C)], typically in a round-bottomed copper pot.
[1 Dragee contains 160mg drug extract of Valerian roots (DEV 4-5:1, solvent for extr.
These include several differing blends in vacuum packed, kilo weight, valve bags; blends in tins and pods (including decaf and barley), serial (collectible) sugar bags and espresso cups, Portioli glasses and porcelain, Portioli dragee and coffee candies, Portioli teas in teabags and bottles, chamomile and chocolate drinks, Portioli chocolate spreads, a Portioli coffee table book, brand signs for outdoors and in, mirrors, paper napkins and dispensers, branded clocks, ashtrays, trays, aprons, hats and t-shirts.
Car la formation de Seville qui tient souvent la dragee haute aux grandes equipes de la Liga, notamment le Real Madrid et le FC Barcelone, a tellement souffert dans cette sortie face au Raja qui a domine et qui a seduit par son jeu.