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Synonyms for draftsman

a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

an artist skilled at drawing

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Bambach, Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman & Designer (New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2017), 52-55.
APPRENTICE draftsman Martin Eusebi is in the running to go to the WorldSkills competition in Calgary this year.
What compromise is the draftsman willing to accept?
"I have been in the Navy for 19 years and was required to submit a portfolio with my request to become a draftsman," said Fills.
While few museums hold a sizeable collection of Rembrandt's works, the Art Institute of Chicago has drawn from public and private collections from around the world to bring "Rembrandt's Journey: Painter, Draftsman, Etcher" to Chicago through May 9.
She also contributed the "Leonardo, Left-handed Draftsman and Writer." Many other ambidextrous or left-handed Renaissance artists are cited.
Harris hired Musselwhite as a draftsman in 1968 after he graduated from Crisp County High School; the Massey Technical Institute in Jacksonville, Fla.; and Middle Georgia College in Cochran, Ga.
An engineer, in addition to his or her main duties, was a designer, draftsman, and a procurement agent.
There are many benefits to the exhibition Greuze the Draftsman, (1) which I saw at the Frick earlier this year.
Prinsen II, who has been with Dienes since September 2000 will provide field service support in addition to his previous tasks as a detail CAD layout draftsman.
He was a draftsman, a support troop in the Korean War.
(The artist can act as his own draftsman.) The plan, written, spoken or a drawing, is interpreted by the draftsman." It is fairly clear that between "artist" and "draftsman" there is a functional distinction involving different skills, and that it is in no sense necessary that a single individual incorporate both functions.
Her father Jose Gomez, a draftsman, described his daughter as a "bright bubbly girl."
They had contact the two forces in Ireland to explain how the draftsman worked most of the year in Ireland.
Their chronological catalogue reveals not only the architects and engineers responsible for the work but, where possible, the names of the draftsman and engraver, building methods and innovations, architectural features and devices.