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a worktable with adjustable top

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For example, at one point, Roark sits at his drafting table and designs the Cortlandt Homes housing project.
These are my aunt's pencils from her drafting table. Here is something I got in Italy in 1959.
Next to them, I'm a mere lump on a log who opines on current events from behind my computer and drafting table."
Not wanting to sit at a drafting table and design according to specs, Benavides found herself painting once again.
I remember his drafting table piled high with cassettes.
He spent the early part of his career at a drafting table working for an engineering firm.
A plotter draws vector graphics with a pen in the same way they might be prepared at a drafting table. A printer assembles a bit image and scans line by line much the way a television image is formed.
Empey: At the drafting table, we draw the two-dimensional shape of the sail, which is called the profile.
These lobbyists are no longer lurking in the halls and cloakrooms; they're seated at the drafting table, drawing up the bills and churning out exemption after exemption, giveaway after giveaway.
"When I first started, all I needed was a drafting table, a T-square and some basic drawing tools to go into business," recalls Rice.
So Behrens went out on his own, where he can use his own, familiar software, and use hand-drawing and the drafting table when it makes sense, which is more often than you might think.
Nielsen describes China's approach to the international environmental agreements as "cautious and conservative, not unlike other developing nations." However, he does contend that China deserves credit for being a great student at the drafting table, taking careful notes on the science and political enforcement approaches that other nations and international organizations are exploring.
My reverie calls up the fast break that could have been calculated on a drafting table, where everything works: stop dribble at the foul line, hit the cutter filling the lane from left or right, and a teammate finishing, with grace, as fine as ...
Traditionally, golf clubs are designed at a drafting table, making it difficult for engineers to attain the precision needed to create a club with the correct weight or the proper dimensions.
When Evan Dobelle on July 2 became the new president of University of Hawaii, his choice of desk was unusual: a 15-foot-long architect's drafting table. Dobelle rarely sits, for he thinks better when he is on his feet.