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a smooth board on which paper is placed for making drawings

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Visit CuttingMats to find and learn about products from top companies and VYCO Drafting Board Covers.
"But I want to draw the lines and see the computer screen as if it's a drafting board."
Philip Cebollero, principal of AmeriPAK LLC, a wholesale distributor of packing and shipping supplies, approached Alvin & Company to investigate new packaging options for the drafting boards and drafting tables.
The foam-cushion corners for the Alvin & Company drafting boards and tables are produced at the AmeriPAK LLC facility.
Although l have since retired my drafting board and hand tools, I'm more committed than ever to make good on my goal of creating opportunities for hard-working, ambitious people to live the American Dream of having a business to call their own.
PULL BACK to see DESIGNER perched on stool at drafting board, drawing with cordless phone cradled tightly under chin.
Never content to restrict himself to the drafting board, Wright wrote extensively about what he called organic architecture.
During our first semester with the new system, proper instrument techniques were thoroughly illustrated by, having the cameras zoom in and out" on the instructor's portable drafting board. Students could witness proper sketching techniques and clearly see how to properly use lead holders and work with various instruments.
Goldman started out using a hand router to make acrylic templates for drafting boards. Later that year, he moved to a 1500-sq-ft space on Diversey St.
There is also the privacy and portability of a magazine, which permits a quiet moment away from CAD software, drafting boards and boardroom tables, like taking a long shower while the three-year-old's asleep.
Students work through conceptual challenges and design ideas--using traditional drafting boards and computer-aided design--then produce 3-D models or artistic renderings of their products.
Flexible Furniture now offers custom-designed and fabricated CAD/Drafting furniture for use in high school or vocational training programs where students need to make the transition from drafting boards to computer-aided design as part of their coursework.
The studios beyond occupy L-shaped floor plans divisible by glass screens and are freely strewn with the saws and mannequins and drafting boards of the students - the floors are already paint-splattered.