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Synonyms for drafting

writing a first version to be filled out and polished later

the craft of drawing blueprints

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the creation of artistic pictures or diagrams

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The drafting group was "directed to meet with various industry stakeholders in an effort to reach an acceptable solution for this section.
Each time we completed a new version of a section draft, we returned it to the core drafting group for review, which took the form of a roundtable discussion.
What strategies have you developed personally to help your clients with drafting arbitration materials?
com, and as a former lawyer showed me first hand the pain that small law practices experience when drafting documents," said Gregory Miller, Ixio's interim VP of Marketing.
Now, all my drafting, designing, rendering and modeling is done in one program.
I-DEAS Drafting provides complete functionality for creating detailed production mechanical drawings, and uses the Dynamic Navigator(TM) style of user interaction to support ease of use.
The Constitutional right to a jury trial does not imply that drafting jurors is the best way to provide that right.
Each font contains the standard letter and number set, stacked fractions from 1/2 through 63/64ths, and several widely used ANSI-type drafting symbols.
A relatively weak draft made for an immense amount of trade speculation, but most of the deals made were minor ones, the top nine drafting teams kept their picks and proceeded in a semipredictable fashion, with no real surprises.
When we talked, he said drafting me was still a consideration and he might do something after that.
22, 1997-- Lockheed Martin, IBM and Dassault Systemes (NASDAQ: Dasty) announced today that Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems (LMASC) has selected CATIA(b)-CADAM(c) Drafting and ProductManager(a), a data management system, as the tools to facilitate a reengineering of the design and manufacture processes for its C-130 aircraft program.
The Rockets were initially interested in drafting Bradley guard Anthony Parker.
Intergraph Software Solutions today announced the third major release of Solid Edge, the company's flagship Windows-based mechanical assembly design and drafting software.
So far, thanks to the salary-cap foresight of Banner and the reasonably smart drafting of coach Ray Rhodes and director of football operations Dick Daniels, the Eagles have been able to avoid crunch time.
Department of Commerce Patent and Trademark Office for QuickDim, a feature of the Design Drafting module that is part of the company's Cadra CAD/CAM/CAE suite.