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Synonyms for drafting

writing a first version to be filled out and polished later

the craft of drawing blueprints

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the creation of artistic pictures or diagrams

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Yousuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs gave a speech in which he welcomed the members of the Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly, conveyed to them greeting and wishes of success of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.
However, there is great variety that exists across drafters, types of statutes, the reasons why and ways in which Congress delegates, and countless other aspects of the drafting process.
George Lucier, former director of the NIEHS Environmental Toxicology Program, who cochaired a stakeholder group involved in the early stages of drafting the guidelines, says there is evidence to suggest that children can be more sensitive to nonmutagenic carcinogens than adults.
While the staff briefing package, some eight years in the drafting, proposed a mandatory standard for upholstered furniture, it also recommended that CPSC conduct a public meeting to hear comments from the industry and other players in any eventual standard.
"FOR THE FIRST time in our history we are entering a war of significant size...without drafting young men to fight the threat," Charles Moskos and Paul Glastris wrote recently in The Wasbington Monthly.
But for the first time in our history we are entering a war of significant size and probable duration (administration officials have said it may last for "years") without drafting young men to fight the threat.
Gilbert also took the lead in compiling committee members' comments and drafting TEI's written submission.
However, KCFS members tracked down an early version of the standards prepared by Willis and his Citizens Drafting Committee.
The talks focused on the CoR's role in the EU enlargement process, in the next EU Inter-Governmental Conference, in the drafting of a EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, and on the principles of subsidiarity and proximity to citizens.
Earlier that year, on May 2, a live symposium directed toward the drafting of Humanist Manifesto III was a prominent part of the AHA national conference.
The PSC also is drafting a set of standards on accounting and financial reporting by governments that will be based on international accounting standards (IASs).
We formed other business-unit and corporate teams to address specific issues, projects, the due diligence area, S-1 drafting and the road show.
Drafting is in transition, driven by new technology.
Rodante Marcoleta said it seems like the two lawmakers just 'dreamed up' of the charter and suddenly came up with a draft, questioning if there were motives in the drafting of the federal charter.