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a writer of a draft

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It's pretty common for a drafter to move up to become a CAD designer.
The drafter will have to weigh these considerations in relation to the dynamics of each specific project.
Drafters work with architects, builders, and engineers to create technical drawings that are utilized to then build structures and buildings like your school.
Yet note the contract drafter included two words in the above provision that derail such an approach: "shall name." No endorsement that fails to do so meets the clear lease language.
This Article, which is part of a symposium on the future of the administrative state, explores the Chief Justice's more limited approach to Chevron deference and details how recent empirical studies of statutory and regulatory drafters may well provide some support for a context-specific Chevron doctrine.
He explained, "Throughout the specification the drafter can focus attention on a specific invention rather than on the generic idea or result: in the field of the invention, in the background of the invention, and the summary of the invention."
one rule drafter indicated that it rarely applies, and none that it
According to Alves & Vale's (2011) classification, a Drafter refers to a translator whose editing procedures consist primarily of P1 macro TUs.
If so, it is crucial that the drafter make clear that an oral partnership agreement has been entered into effective as of formation and that the agreement previously entered into is now being memorialized in writing."
Malkiewich started as a legislative bill drafter in 1981 after graduating from law school.
However, this does not explain fully why the drafter made this apparently poor choice.
Most of the substantive provisions of the manuals direct the drafter to employ certain conventions in the language and structure of a bill without naming canons or specific cases.
BNA Books (Arlington, VA) has also published "Drafting Patents for Litigation and Licensing," a 775-page hardcover book that is designed to guide the patent drafter through patent court decisions industry by industry, with discussion of patent applications that have failed, as well as those that have succeeded.
Job profiles include computer programmer, computer repair technician, computer systems installer, computer-aided drafter and designer, cybersecurity expert and more.
The drafter from military-ruled Myanmar, however, has opted to leave the issue up to his foreign minister to decide, while the drafters from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam said they cannot commit because they have yet to establish their respective human rights commissions.