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Critique: Exceptionally well written with the text being presented in 'first Steve, then Fred' format, "Long Daze at Long Binh" is an inherently fascinating and exceptionally informative read replete with wit, a little wisdom, a bit of insight, and a whole lot of information on what the Viet Nam War was like for two side-by-side draftees.
For example, one young volunteer in the 46th Battalion remarked that the draftees "were good men, but the poor devils .
I just want to say best of luck and congratulations to all the NBA draftees today.
Right now the two options are full military service, lasting 24 months, and a 'special service' for draftees who are deemed to be physically or mentally unfit.
Some observers see Reyes' testimony as a sign that the military's wall of secrecy may finally be breaking down, especially since it came just six months after revelations by another former Army draftee, a witness to the so-called Caso Quemados (case of the burned people), made headlines in Chile and abroad.
As a result, few men are turning 18 each year and the pool of draftees is becoming smaller.
Wine said some of the draftees are spending this week in Peoria getting some extra work in before likely being sent to Eugene for the home opener on Wednesday against Boise.
The number of draftees who died in that war is about equal to the total number of troops who died in --.
The minister said that according to the new rules, army draftees will determine the place of their future service with a help of
That "horde" of draftees in WWII saved the world, and, if they did not, I wonder if Dr.
draftees, mercenaries, drones), and terrorism and torture.
She asked which American actor was one of the first draftees of the Korean War, going on to win two Purple Hearts?
In order to control for such cases, the number of NHL draftees we computed was limited to college players that played at least 20 games for their college team.
We amateurs, and draftees like me in particular, seem to have fulfilled our obligations pretty well in World War II, Korea, and even Vietnam and the Cold War.
When I was in basic training, the notion was that all draftees wanted to do was get out as quick as they could, that they were the troublemakers and so forth," Mellinger said.